The Wrap Carrier - Beginner Tips & Tricks

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Are you a new parent or caregiver on the adventurous journey of babywearing? Congratulations! You're about to embark on a wonderful bonding experience that not only keeps your little one close but also allows you to enjoy the freedom of hands-free living.

Whether you're wrapping up your newborn for the first time or taking steps towards mastering the wrap with your eyes closed, we've got you covered.

Our beginner Wrap Carrier tips and tricks will pave the way for a smooth, snug, and satisfying journey. So, grab your favourite Wrap Carrier and let's dive in!

Wrap Carrier - how-to demo for Aussie baby carrier brand Chekoh

Practice Makes Perfect

This one goes without saying, but if you haven't already read the booklet that comes with your Wrap Carrier - this is your sign to pull it out! If you're a visual learner and video is more your style, click here for the full tutorial and come back to this blog for more tips and tricks. We also do lives, demo's and other educational content over on Instagram, so follow along @chekohbaby.

Wrap tutorial and tricks for the perfect baby wearing experience with Chekoh Baby

Mirror Mirror 

When first starting, we recommend practicing your new Wrap skills in a low stress environment (ie. when baby isn't crying) and in front of a mirror. With a mirror in front of you, you can ensure there are no twists in the fabric and can see where you need to reach and cross the Wrap behind you. Bonus points for practicing with a doll to start out with. 

Pre Tie your Stretchy Wrap Carrier by Chekoh baby for easy babywearing on the go


For easy babywearing on the go, we suggest you pre-tie your Wrap before hitting the road or heading outdoors. This way you can nail your perfect fit in front of the mirror and not be wrapping when baby is waiting (sometimes impatiently) in the car seat. 

The perfect fit for a stretchy wrap made of bamboo/spandex from Chekoh Baby

Comfort and Safety are Key 

For a comfortable and safe carry every time, here are a couple tips we've found help! 

  • Always follow the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing. Read more here.
  • Further to this, you want to start your carry off nice and high so that baby is close enough to kiss - this helps prevent back tension and is also the safest way to carry your babe. 
  • Tighten your shoulder passes more firmly than you first think is necessary. You want the fabric tension to resemble the snap back of swimwear. This tip is especially useful if you find baby sags down too low in your Wrap Carrier when wearing. Watch this reel here for a visual demonstration.
  • Double knot your Wrap Carrier for extra piece of mind.
  • If your little one doesn't have great head and neck control, feel free to gently pop the back of their head under one of the shoulder passes for support (always ensuring their face is visible and airways are clear). 

Help with your Wrap Carrier with Chekoh Baby

Help is Here 

We want to make sure you make the most of this beautiful experience and hope these beginner tips and tricks have helped you feel more confident in your carry. Remember that we are always here to help your through your babywearing journey. No question is ever too big or too small, so feel free to reach us via email, direct message or better yet, book in a FREE video consultation call with one of our trained babywearing educators here.


Model Mama @claydo_ wears the Indigo Wrap Carrier

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