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Need to go about your day AND have your hands free?

Keep your baby close and try one of our Australian designed Baby Carriers today. Wrap, Sling or Clip Carrier - it’s totally up to you!

Explore Our Best Baby Carriers

New to ‘babywearing’ and not sure which Baby Carrier is the best choice? Let us guide you through our extensive range of practical Carriers to find the one that suits your lifestyle best.

All of our Carriers are adjustable and size inclusive for a comfortable carry up to a women’s size 24 or men’s XXXL. Each Carrier comes in a reusable cotton mesh wash bag for easy cleaning on laundry day. All Carriers are also proudly deemed ‘Hip Healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. At Chekoh, we offer four different styles of Carrier including the Stretchy Wrap, Ring Sling, Clip and Clip 2.0 because who doesn’t love options?

Wrap Carriers

Perfect for newborns and holding your little one close, the Wrap Carrier is the ultimate baby shower gift. Our Wrap Carriers feature four-way stretch to mold and hug the curves of your and your baby’s body. Made with a breathable and lightweight bamboo/spandex blend, the Wrap Carrier is great for travel and ideal for maneuvering tight places that are often tricky to navigate in a pram or stroller. Suitable from birth right through the newborn bubble - 3kg (6.6lbs) up to 8/10kg (17.6lbs/22lbs). Check out our how-to tutorial here or our full range of Wrap colours and prints, including our best selling Grey Stripe Wrap here.

Sling Carriers

Keep your options open with a Ring Sling Carrier. These are best from birth (3kg/6.6lbs) right up to 2 years of age (15kg/33lbs), making the Sling a great option for newborns or for when baby has outgrown the Wrap Carrier. Our Sling designs are made from a natural lightweight and breathable bamboo/linen fabric blend, exclusive to Chekoh. The Ring Slings are designed to sit across the body and gather over one shoulder for even weight distribution and a comfortable carry for both parent and baby. Take a look at our demonstration video here and view our collection of Sling Carriers, including our best selling Camel & Jett Slings here.

Clip Carriers

Like it super simple? Our Clip Carriers are the ultra easy 3 clip option for babywearing once your baby reaches 4 months AND 5kg (11lbs). Want to wear earlier? We recommend adding on our Size Clip to adjust the seat and wear from 3kg (6.6lbs). Our original design features a soft bamboo/linen blend for maximum comfort and breathability. The Corduroy Collection is made from 100% cotton corduroy. All Clip Carriers can be worn in two safe and supportive styles, including Front Carry (chest-to-chest) and Back Carry. The Clip Carrier is a crowd pleaser that can be worn up to 2 years of age (15kg/33lbs). Shop our best selling range here

Clip 2.0 Carriers

Introducing the newest addition to the Chekoh Carrier Collection, the Clip 2.0. Featuring a new and innovative adjustable seat with 3 size positions to grow with baby’s length and weight. No extra bulk, excessive panelling, zips or velcro - just a lightweight and streamlined carry for both you and your baby. Safe and super simple wear from 3.2kg (7lbs) up to 20kg (44lbs). All of our original Clip Carrier designs will be transitioning to the 2.0 style over the coming months, so if your favourite colour is missing, check back soon!  

Browse through our range of Chekoh Baby 2.0 Clip Carriers here.

Need Babywearing Help?

The babywearing help doesn’t end at checkout! We have many resources to help you get the most out of wearing your baby. Here at Chekoh, we are passionate about education and ensuring you achieve a comfortable and safe carry every time you wear. If you’re needing a quick refresher, take a look at our tutorials here or better yet, book in your FREE one-on-one video call consultation with a trained babywearing educator here (please note that we are based in Brisbane, Australia). If you’re needing a quick checklist for safe wear, take a look at our TICKS guidelines page here.  

After More?

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