Wear Your Wrap

Let's start with our pre-tie carry style and wear! 

Place under your bra or bust line.

Starting high will ensure your carry and baby remain high throughout your wear.

Do this one by one to make an X high across your back, between your shoulder blades.

Ensure there is no flips or twists in the fabric, no bunching and no slack.

The emphasis here is on the shoulder passes, the fabric needs to be firm here so they will stretch and mould around your baby to ensure they are held firm and high.

Any slack will cause your carry to loosen and baby to drop too low.

If at any time you find your baby is not supported, safely remove your baby, undo the knot, tighten the shoulder passes again and feed through any slack in the fabric.

The ends of the fabric can be wrapped around your body comfortably.

If you wish and if you have enough excess fabric (depending on your body size) you can tie off at the back, front and side - ALWAYS in a double knot.

Wear Your Baby

Watch just how easy it is to place your baby in your stretchy Wrap carrier. Safe and supportive for the most comfortable carry for you and your baby.

If you need some one-on-one assistance, we also have our free video call consults available to book online HERE

Place baby on your opposite shoulder and keep them supported at all times with one hand.

Lean back a little to help keep your baby safe against your body as you position them into the Wrap.

Stretch out the fabric with your thumb from the outside of the pocket.

Move the fabric, not your baby, and place at the back of your baby's knee to begin.

Ensure the fabric is evenly spread and also reaches across the top of their shoulder and covers their back.

Optimal positioning is a 'M' position with their bottom sitting lower than their bent knees - a lovely deep squat.

Help achieve this by peforming a 'Pelvic Tuck/Tilt' by gently rolling their groin up towards their belly button and drawing their bent knees up towards their tummy.

You can do this while your baby is in the Wrap by holding their bottom and the back of their thighs and gently 'rolling' or 'tilting' their pelvis in one motion up towards their belly button.

Take the middle band of fabric from underneath in one piece.

Pull up over each leg and from under their bottom to behind the back of their neck to secure.

Check always and check often throughout your wear:

T ight - ensure the Wrap is holding your baby firm.

I n view at all times - never cover your baby's face or airways while in the carrier. Always ensure they are positioned so you can view their face.

C lose enough to kiss - baby remains at a height close enough for you to tilt your chin down and kiss the top of their head.

K eep chin off chest - tilt baby's head back gently to ensure their chin is off their chest and they aren't slumping into the carrier. Their airways remain completely clear throughout your wear.

S upported spine - peform a pelvic tuck to ensure your baby is in the correct 'M' position with bottom dropped lower than their bent knees. The spine is then supported in a natural 'C' curve.