Safety is our number one.

When wearing your baby correctly and safely you will harness all the beautiful benefits that Babywearing has to offer.
We've ensured both our Sling and Wrap carriers have been acknowledged as Hip Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute so you can wear your little one with confidence.

Chekoh supports healthy hip development by ensuring the 'M-Position' is safely achieved in our carriers.

Your baby's knees should be bent up and in line with their belly button and gently spread to the sides (like a frog or koala bear). Their legs and dropped bottom will resemble a 'M' shape and baby's pelvis will slide to the front, and their back will be supported in a beautiful (and age appropriate) C shape curve.

This squat style position is the position new babies will automatically assume when they are picked up. They automatically bend their legs and tuck up like a little frog and prepare themselves instinctively to be carried.

Our Chekoh carriers will carry your baby safely and naturally.


T.I.C.K.S Guidelines For Safe Babywearing

We encourage and promote the T.I.C.K.S Guidelines for safe Babywearing and have these listed and displayed in our easy to follow instructions booklets which accompany all our carriers.
Only use your Chekoh carrier with babies from 3kgs weight. Please be sure to speak with your Paediatrician or Medical practitioner wearing your little one if they are born pre-term.

Also ensure you Inspect your carrier for any damage (rips, tears, holes, pulls etc) prior to each use, and do not use if damage is visible.

Further information on safe Babywearing, can be found with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s safety alert titled ‘What you need to know about: Baby slings’ published June 2014 (see here).

We're proud to have our Chekoh Wrap used to demonstrate and promote 'Safe Babywearing' with Queensland Health Australia watch the VIDEO HERE