Keep Your Little Ones Distracted These School Holidays

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We all know the school term is coming to an end and as always, school holidays can be a whirlwind! It is important to remember that this is also an opportunity to savour the precious moments with your little ones.

Here are just a few ways to try and make this time as enjoyable as possible (for everyone involved - that means you too Mum!)

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Slow Down & Breathe

Take a deep breath, and let go of that never-ending to-do list. It's okay to embrace the slower pace and enjoy the simple joys of just spending time together. 

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Take a Little Adventure

Explore the beauty of the great outdoors together. Go for a peaceful hike, have a picnic, or simply watch the sun set together. Nature has a magical way of calming the soul and connecting people. 

Ways to keep the kids busy these school holidays 2023

Grab a Book

Create a cozy reading nook and dive into some delightful stories with your kids. Reading together can transport you to new worlds and create lasting memories. Even better if you can let them join in on the storytelling or act it out with you!

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Get Creative

Engage in art and craft activities. Let your inner Picasso shine, and encourage your little artists to express themselves through creativity. Call it a crafternoon, grab the snacks and get creating. Who knows, it may even turn out to be fridge-worthy!

Mindful Moments

Practice mindfulness as a family. Try some simple breathing exercises or yoga. It's a wonderful way to stay centred and connected both as individuals and a unit. You can even download mindfulness apps that take you on free guided meditation - especially great for those lazy afternoons when everyone is saying "I'm BOORRREEDD!"

Cherish The Unplanned

Sometimes the best moments happen when you least expect them. Embrace spontaneity and let your kids lead the way. Sometimes playing with a cardboard box or digging up worms is truly the most fun thing to do and who are we to argue? 

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Go Easy On Yourself 

Don't forget to go easy on yourself during the school holidays. Self-care is essential and Mum guilt (trust us, we know) won't get you anywhere! So run a bath, read a mag or do whatever fills your cup up, at least once. 

So, what are your school holiday tips and what do your kids like to do? 
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