Wear Your Sling

From beginning to end, it's all here.

Start with threading your Sling correctly to ensure you can place your baby into the Sling safe and easy. 

Always keep your baby supported whilst you position them upright and chest-to-chest against you. 

A few tips to remember:

Setting up correctly will minimise the adjustments needed when you are positioning your baby.

As you are positioning and moving your baby, the rings will naturally slide down so always start a little higher to assist.

Baby should be positioned on top of the Sling with the fabric placed behind the back of their knees as you lower them into the Sling.

Don't be in a rush to lift up the Sling fabric.

While your baby is sitting on the Sling with the fabric behind their knees - position them in a deep squat with their bottom sitting lower then their bent knees. Their bottom may even 'hang' over the fabric, the deeper the squat the better the seat.

When worn right, the weight of the wear will be held by baby's bottom and not held behind the back of their knees.

They will be carried securely in a deep natural squat.

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