Purpose, Passion, Progress

We started with a purpose, we grow with a passion and we are progressing for the future.

Progress has seen a change for the better, from our new manufacturing partnerships, our product improvements and innovations, a greener work space and our ‘next level’ customer support that truly cannot be rivalled. We are continuously progressing for the better, for everyone, for our families, our customers and our environment, one step at a time.

Our Partners

A step towards more sustainable production is transparency and accountability throughout both our supply chain and manufacturing. This is why we travelled to India to view, first-hand, the facilities and production of our products. From the knitting mills in Tamil Nadu to our team in Coimbatore, meeting the people and the places where our product is born was paramount in assessing our processes and performance.

Our factory has also been ethically audited by SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) which is one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world.

Meet Kumar, he is our partner in Coimbatore, he oversees the work from many factories and clients in the textile industry. He’s a relatively ‘young gun’ in the business, first working in production before a change of career over the last few years has seen him grow and blossom in his new agent role. When we first met Kumar we spent the day not only talking about our products and touring facilities, but sharing stories of our young families and swapping photos of our cheeky children. A proud new father and determined young businessman.

Fibres & Fabrics

Not only is natural beautiful, it's better.

Since 2015, we have used high-quality, sustainable materials to lower our environmental impact of our manufacturing process. We've incorporated plant-based cellulose fibres - BAMBOO & LINEN into most of our products including carriers, swaddles and our Journey Dresses.

When you're onto a good thing, stick with it.


We're so proud of the unique design of our packaging.

Not only do our cotton mesh pouches look super cute, they double as a fully functional wash bag to keep your carrier safe on laundry day.

We designed this for you to keep and repurpose, time and time again.

All of our products come packaged in biodegradable bags, made with eco-friendly and compostable cornstarch.

We also choose a greener alternative for our product information cards, using only recycled cardboard where possible.


We believe all inputs and outputs in the production of our products have the opportunity to be reused or recycled. With this in mind we have found ways to keep any excess fabrics and repurpose this into products such as our Swaddles and Mini Wrap carriers. Fabric that would otherwise be wasted and placed into refuse, are now revamped and reused with a purpose.

Buy, Sell & Trade Pre-Loved

We offer and support a community of Chekoh lovers via our Chekoh Chatter Facebook Group. Here we encourage and promote members to purchase pre-loved pieces from our customers who wish to ‘pass it on’ and in turn recycle our product, keeping them out of landfill.

Any questions? Contact us below