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Our Clip 2.0 baby carrier will provide two carry styles: a Front Carry (chest-to-chest) and a Back Carry.

Always keep your baby supported whilst you position them into the carrier.

 A few tips to remember: 

Start with your Clip carrier high on your waist (lower ribcage, under your bust), not low on your hips.

Keep your baby secure until they are placed into the carrier correctly and all buckles are clipped securely.

Be sure to LIFT the shoulder strap up from your shoulder and feed back any slack, pull the webbing DOWN under your arm and then pull BACK the webbing to tighten.

Don't place baby on top of the waistband, lower baby further along the fabric of the middle panel so your little one is sitting inside the carrier and 'sinks' into a deep seat.

Make sure baby's bottom is sitting lower than their bent knees, a lovely deep squat or 'M' position is optimal.

Gently tuck or tilt your baby's pelvis (groin) up towards their belly button to enhance the natural 'C' curve to their spine.

Nothing is covering baby's face, their airways are clear and chin is off their chest (ensure they are never slumped in the carrier).

The weight of the wear will be held by baby's bottom and not behind the back of their knees when positioned correctly.

Check the fabric for any tears, rips or holes. If you find any damage, stop using immediately and contact us here

Do not wear your baby whilst cooking, near hot liquids/surfaces or near open flames.

Do not wear your baby in the carrier whilst swimming or in any water above your knee.

Need a little more help? Be sure to book in a FREE Virtual Video Consults with one of our Babywearing Educators and we can walk you through step by step.


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