Choosing which carrier will suit you and your babe is a very personal preference.

Let us help take some of the guess work out for you.

All Chekoh Carriers

✔️ Suitable up to a women's 24 or a men's XXXL.

✔️ Are proudly deemed 'Hip Healthy' by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

✔️ Arrive with their own wash bag for safe storage and easy washing.

✔️ Come with a FREE one-on-one video consult call to ensure you're wearing safely and confidently.  

Just remember that we are with you #fromthebeginning and if you’re still undecided, please reach out to us or jump on our Chekoh Chatter page to talk with real world Chekoh Mama’s and Papa's. 

We love our community and want everyone to enjoy the benefits of babywearing in a safe, comfortable and stylish way. 

Wrap Carrier

Chekoh Wraps are especially great for newborns and are best used from birth (3kgs) to around 12 months (8-10kgs). 

Our stretchy Wraps are made from a beautiful lightweight stretchy bamboo blend, exclusive to Chekoh.

Sling Carrier

The added bonus of the Sling style is that you can wear your baby for longer if you wish!

Our beautiful bamboo/linen Sling Carriers can be used from birth (3kgs) right up to 2 years of age (15kgs), making them a great option for after they have outgrown the stretchy Wrap.

Clip Carrier

Like it super simple?

Our Clip Carriers are the ultra easy 3 clip option for babywearing from 3.2kgs.

A crowd favourite that can be worn up to 2 years (20kg).

Check out our new 2.0 Clip Carrier design that features an in-built adjustable seat to grow with you #fromthebeginning

Benefits Of Babywearing

It’s Convenient!

You can breastfeed discreetly in most baby carriers while working, getting things done around the house, shopping or simple things like eating with two hands! If you have a baby who wants to be held all the time, this is an easy way to meet their needs while still getting everything done!

Makes Parenting With Multiples Easier!

Carrying your baby in a wrap or sling can give you the mobility to care for your older children and keep you hands free.

Reduces Crying & Colic

It reduces crying and colic. A 1986 study of 99 mother-infant pairs (reported in Pediatrics) showed that carrying babies at least three hours a day reduces crying and fussing 43% during the day and 51% at night. Babies are happier because they have less need to cry, and parents enjoy their babies more as a result.

Promotes Bonding

Carrying your baby promotes bonding and enhances parents’ feelings of competence. A higher frequency of feeding and touching stimulates mothering hormones, and frequent carrying encourages and speeds the development of a mutual reading of each other’s cues.

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