Can I wear my Chekoh Baby Carrier in Summer?

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Yes! you sure can. Many of you reading this may be wondering "Is it safe to Babywear during summer?" Being based in Australia we're no stranger to hot humid Weather.

With Australia's temperatures soaring to record breaking heights this summer, and projections showing it's only going to get hotter from here, we understand the heat is no joke. And so we've made the effort to keep that in mind with the design of all of our Baby Carriers.

Ordinarily we'd recommend that you stay out of the sun during extreme weather, but for those who wanna take full advantage of their early days with Bub, or the busy parents who quite frankly just have things to do, this just isn't practical. So we've compiled a few tips and tricks, to help you wear your Baby safely this Summer.

One Layer Less

Truthfully, babywearing works as an added layer to your body, this is why we suggest when wearing your Carrier, you also consider what you're dressing your bub in. Our Carriers count as one layer of clothing/fabric covering your bub, so we recommend that you dress your baby accordingly.

Mum Babywearing Cosmo Clip

Be Sun Smart

This should come as no surprise, especially for those of you here with us in Australia. But Be Sun Smart! Sunscreen and Hats should be just as important as your keys when leaving the house. Limit the amount of time you spend in the sun sticking to shady/sheltered areas as much as possible or bring an umbrella if you have to. 

Mum wearing Ochre Clip with Cap and Sunsmart clothing

If You're Hot, Your Baby is too...

Just like you, if you're finding the heat is causing discomfort or you can feel the sweat dripping off your body, your baby's probably feeling the same. Keep track of indications that you're overheating, take a break and cool off when needed.

Our Carriers are made of Cool lightweight Fabric

Our Clip Carriers and Slings are made from our exclusive, in-house bamboo & linen fabric blend for a natural fit and feel. And our Wraps are made from our super soft and stretchy Bamboo & Spandex blend. Thin, breathable and sturdy our Carriers comes in a wide range of colours and patterns to accomodate every mamas style this Summer.


Chekoh Baby Carriers


Hip or Back Carry

Try out our Back Carry for Clips or a Hip Carry for slings and Wraps. If your babe meet's the requirements for a back carry, we would highly recommend trying this. Not only is this a cooler option for wearing them but it allows you more autonomy to move about, and your bub gets to see the same things as you.


Mum Back Carrying


By following these Tips and Tricks you're sure to be Babywearing more comfortably this Summer, but remember if it's too hot, it's too hot! 

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