Wear Your Clip 

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Our new Clip carrier will provide two carry styles: Front (chest-to-chest) and a back carry.

Always keep your baby supported whilst you position them into the carrier and only attempt a back carry with a baby who is older than 5mths and can sit unassisted with confident head and neck control.

 A few tips to remember: 

  • begin with waist belt high and firm around your mid-section

  • always keep one hand on baby until they are secured into the carrier and all buckles are clipped correctly

  • ensure baby's face is in view at all times and airways are clear with chin off chest

  • Remember to take the time to position your baby correctly with their bottom sitting lower then their bent knees, a lovely deep squat

  • When worn right, the weight of the wear will be held by baby's bottom and not behind the back of their knees 

  • inspect your carrier regularly, check the fabric for any tears, rips or holes. If you find any damage stop using immediately and contact info@chekoh.com for assistance

  • please be cautious and do not wear your baby whilst cooking, near hot liquids or surfaces or near open flames.  Do not wear your baby in the carrier whilst swimming or in any water above your knee. 

Carry confidently, close and secure in no time. 

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