5 Helpful Tips for Babies Who Hate Their Carrier

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If you're reading this you're probably no stranger to tears and crying when starting off your babywearing journey. Well... you're not alone. Like many parents out there you're probably asking "why doesn't my baby like their carrier?" and "how do I get my baby settled?"

Luckily we're here to help!

Here's a few things you can try to help your baby settle in to their new carrier.

Is it the right time to be wearing your baby? 

Sometimes the issue may be that it's simply not the right time to be wearing your baby. If your little one is overtired or due for a feed, popping them in their carrier probably isn't what they're wanting at the moment. Try again later when bub is fed, rested and in a happy mood. 

Too Tense?

Don't force the experience and take a breather. Your baby can often sense your stress. So if you're overwhelmed and flustered from struggling with your carrier, take a break. You need to be calm yourself, before you can calm your bub. 

Kasey wears the Jett Clip Carrier by Chekoh baby with her settled baby


Chances are your little one just needs a little more reassurance. With some patience, just give your baby a little more time and reassurance to let them know their carrier is a safe space to relax.

Change Your Environment

Sometimes the source of your baby's discomfort may not be the carrier but the environment around them. Topped with the new experience of being worn, it can quickly become overwhelming. Opt for a more soothing environment for baby like a small local park, quiet beach or simply wearing them around the house to start off.

How long should I be Babywearing at a time?

Reinforce babywearing as a positive experience. When you first start babywearing, don't wear your baby for lengthy periods of time. Stick to short periods of time in the carrier until baby is used to being worn.  

By following these steps we're sure we can have you comfortably babywearing in no time! In the case that you're still not able to achieve the wear you're after, you can book a free one-on-one video consult call with our experienced Babywearing educator. For some personalised tips and tricks for you and your Baby, book yours in here.

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As always we are here to help, so if you have any babywearing questions, feel free to DM or email us on info@chekoh.com any time.

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