Wrap wear tips to get you babywearing like a pro

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GIF - how to baby wear with your stretchy baby wrap carrier Chekoh

Ready to get wrapping like a pro? 

Follow these quick and simple wrap wear tips to have you wearing your baby safely in no time! 

How to babywear safely with Chekoh Baby Carriers

The First Steps

  • Pass the wrap fabric hand to hand - there will be no flips or twists in the fabric if you are holding from the same place.
  • Keep the wrap high! Once you've crossed your passes, do not wrap low on your waist as this can 'drag' the wrap fabric down lower on your body and results in a lower carry height.
Mastering tension and tightness with your new stretchy baby wrap by Chekoh

Tension is Key

  • Ensure your fabric has no sneaky slack. To do this, pull down from the top of the shoulders and feed the fabric through from behind to tighten the middle band. 

  • You want your carry to be firm before you pop baby in. Test your tension by pulling the fabric away from your body once tied. Does it have the same snapback as a swimsuit? If so, head on to the next tip! If not, repeat the above tip until you have the right tension.

Stretchy Baby Wrap Carrier worn with ease by Chekoh Baby - Indigo tie dye

Almost Ready

  • When placing your baby into the wrap, always pull the shoulder pockets from the outside with your thumb and don't stretch out from the inside of the pocket. 

  • Lift the middle pass high up to the back of baby's neck and also make sure it is high under your arms to keep the placement and for extra support. 

Babywearing made easy with Chekoh Baby Carriers - Stretchy Wrap

You've Got This!

How did you go with these quick tips? 

If there is anything you are still not sure about, watch our full how-to wear your Wrap Carrier demo here.
Or better yet, why not book a FREE one-on-one babywearing consult call?
We offer these too! 

Book your consult here or email us any time on info@chekoh.com 

If you haven't gathered this already, we are kind of babywearing obsessed and are always here to help you on your journey. 

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