Chekoh Baby Carrier - Winter babywearing tips for your newborn and your baby

Winter Wearing - How to Use Your Baby Carrier in Winter with 6 Simple Tips

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Brrr, the temps are dropping and it’s getting a little cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your baby out and about (it’s probably encouraged a little more actually). 

Life doesn't stop - ok so we might start hibernating a little but on those days when you want to or maybe have to be outside with your baby, we have some tips for how to wear them safely and all snug.

Oh and another bonus is you don’t have to push your pram or stroller out in the winds and your hands won’t be freezing and of course your little baby can sleep comfortably close to you all cuddled up.

How to dress your baby for wintertime wearing?

As the old saying goes - dress your baby to the weather, so a singlet, long sleeve top, a little jumper perhaps, and leggings and socks. 

Just remember not to overheat your baby and your carrier will provide an extra layer of warmth, not to mention your body is another extra source of heat, so you don’t want to dress your baby in too many layers. Now layers are great because as you head in and out of the weather you can take them off as you need.

Don’t forget their little noggin, especially if you’re living in the southern states, a beanie or mittens might work well for the colder climates down your way also. 


Do you wear baby inside or outside your jacket/coat?

Keep them close baby! Wear your little one with the carrier under your jacket or coat, it’s great to use an oversized or extra roomy piece so you’re comfy and not restricting any arm movement. 

The chest to chest or front facing carry style we recommend with our Chekoh carriers is great to have your baby facing you while being worn.  You can then keep an eye on them, their in view at all times and also shield their face and head from the cool winds and weather. 

Winter Rules:

  • Your baby’s face should never be covered by any fabric (your/their clothing or the carrier)  and you should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply glancing down. 
  • Keep your baby’s airways clear. If they’re sleeping, gently tilt their head back to lift their chin safely away from their chest.
  • Wear your carrier under your jacket/coat. Bulky fabrics can hinder the safety of you wear so ensure your carrier is worn tight and correctly under the layers. 
  • Your carrier is an additional layer during your wear and is also another source of heat and warmth. Be sure your baby does not overheat during wear. 
  • Keep their little legs and head warm also, make sure none of their other extremities are left uncovered and use a beanie or socks if appropriate. Check whether your baby still has warm feet. This will be the first indicator that baby is feeling cold.
  • Make sure to keep safe and avoid wet or slippery surfaces during your outings.


    Alright, now that you know how to keep your baby safe and snug this winter, get wearing!



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