Holistic Homeschool Idea & Info with Whole Beings

Holistic Homeschool Idea & Info with Whole Beings

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We're thinking of you Mamas and Papas who have little ones at home a little more over these coming weeks and months.

We've asked the lovely Elysia and Nat from @whole.beings to help with some ideas to inspire mini minds and some engaging experiences for children to do whilst in the comfort of their own home or surroundings.

We've also asked a few questions about how a holistic approach can help your little ones keep happy and healthy through these changing times now and in the future.

What are some things you're personally doing to keep your family positively engaged with themselves, their surroundings and your family unit during this time? 
  • Limiting exposure to all media. 
  • Creating engaging, fun creative setups around the house for all of us to be involved in. 
  • Bringing the outside in by doing nature based experiences.
  • Getting outside in the garden for at least a few hours each day.
  • Waiting to chat about the world's happenings when bub is in bed.
  • Taking time to meditate morning & night.

Do you have any tips or practices that encourage children to actively participate in keeping healthy and hygienic? 
  • Mindful Hand Washing is a great way to pass the recommended time for handwashing with little ones.
Asking what they can feel?
What can they smell?
What can they hear?
What can they see?
As they wash their hands.
By the time you’ve gone through the mindful prompts the recommended time will have passed.
  • Having organic produce delivered weekly by @thefarmfolk
  • Making lots of whole food snacks with your children involved in the process – there are so many lessons to be had in the kitchen.
  • DIY cleaning products using your favourite essential oils @thewholisticmama
  • Don’t forget to keep your children moving – plenty of active play & yoga.
  • Slow down with meditation & mindful breathing – use Insight Timer or the meditations inside our membership.

How do you become a whole being?
Each child can be nurtured toward their organic state of being by the environment we create for them.
We offer programs that have been designed with the whole child in mind. With such an uncertain time in the world, many families are turning toward a more holistic approach.
It’s needed more than ever right now.

Find out more HERE 

Take a look at a fun little DIY activity to do with your little mind at home...


Be ready for the handsfree homeschool activities with your little babes..... 


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