3 Tips When Choosing Your Baby Carrier

3 Tips When Choosing Your Baby Carrier

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Nine months spent all cuddled up in a warm, cosy womb, listening to your heartbeat, rocking to your rhythm and knowing they're safe. 

Your newborn will want nothing more than snuggly cuddles with you on the outside too. 

Babywearing will let you keep your little one close and content and cuddled while giving you the freedom of your two free hands.

But which carrier will be right for you?

A Wrap, Sling or Structured carrier… Well each has its own pros and cons, so we thought we’d help out with 3 simple tips to look for when you decide which one will work best for you and your baby - oh and of course we think the answer is Chekoh of course. 

1. Safe 

rated australia best baby stretchy wrap carrier Chekoh stretchy wrap carrier for newborn babywearing

One thing that we pride ourselves on here at Chekoh is safety.

All our carriers have been tested to the ASTM standards and they’re all deemed ‘Hip Healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for a confident carry.

Worn correctly your baby will be positioned optimally for proper hip and spine alignment providing the appropriate support for your baby’s growing head, back and hips.

Our fabric blends incorporate natural bamboo fibres (only the best will do for your little one) because not only is this a sustainable choice for our environment but it’s also perfect for sensitive newborn skin. 

Our stretchy Wrap carrier combines Bamboo and Spandex for stretch - the fabric is exclusive to Chekoh and will mould to your body and your baby’s for unparalleled comfort. 

Our Sling carrier has the best of both softness and support with our own bamboo and linen blend.

Make sure you check the suitability of the carrier for your child.  Our Wraps are perfect for the first 8-10mths of wear with most of your days filled with babywearing in the earlier months when your new baby will just want to be held. Our Slings will see you through from birth up to toddlerhood or approx 15kgs and also provide a more structured fit for the bigger babies.

Chekoh stretchy Wrap baby carrier best for newborns australia

2. Simple 

The world has surely changed, it can be a mix of chaos and calm with most new parents juggling a work life/home life balance with their new baby and new lifestyle. 

We wanted to keep things simple and ‘lighten your load’ so to speak. 

We designed our carriers to be a simple and natural solution to your wear. Lightweight fabrics, easy to use carry styles and took all the worries and guesswork out of your purchase with a ‘one size fits most’ choice. Our Sling and Wrap carriers are not sized and offer a completely adjustable fit for you, your partner or any wearer you wish. 

Both the Sling and Wrap style are worn high (around your chest and not your waist) which enables you to wear even after a c-section delivery and have waistbands or place any weight bearing on your hips and lower back. 

No bulky fabrics, clips, buckles, and no nasty velcro to ruin your wear. Just a simple and natural carry style for you to enjoy and adjust if you need. 

We also considered the messy times - all our Wraps and Slings can easily be thrown into the washing machine, and are quick to dry.

Best baby wrap carrier chekoh stretchy wrap australian rated safe

3. Style

Hey, you’ve still got it! You might have to compromise on a few things when your baby comes but staying true to your style and choosing what you want to wear doesn’t. 

We design our carriers in prints and palettes of colours you will want to wear, some might even say it helps to ‘enhance’ their outfit. 

Whether you’re strutting the aisles at the supermarket or having a lunch date with friends, the importance of having the best carrier with the right safety and features cannot be understated, and neither can your style. 

Your carrier will become your best accessory or tool perhaps, to help you and your baby enhance that unbelievable bond and increase your confidence in yourself and your journey.

show australia's best baby carrier chekoh for newborn babywearing

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