Get to know our stockist - Dory from Banksia Boutique Ballina!

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Welcome to the Chekoh Stockist Series!    

Ever wondered what it's like to run your own boutique? 

Meet one of our beautiful stockists, Dory from Banksia Boutique in Ballina, New South Wales. We caught up with Dory to chat all things trends, timeless classics, recommendations and gained a little sneak-peek into the boutique life of Banksia! 

Doing her part for the Northern Rivers region, Dory will be hosting a raffle to raise funds for the flood affected areas in and around her community. Local businesses and brands are putting their hands up to be a part of this (including us!). So, if you'd like to take part, stay tuned to her socials! 

Please tell us a little about yourself and your gorgeous store?

Hey gang, my name's Dory and I'm the creator of Banksia Boutique. I'm a lover of the sun and 70's tunes, and I live in a little beachside shack with my partner – who I met travelling in Guatemala years ago, when overseas adventuring was our way of life – and our pooch Otto.
At Banksia, we specialise in conscious, Australian-owned labels – a perfect mix of threads for you and your minis, skin care and accessories.                                      
Dory from Banksia Boutique Ballina

What inspired you to start Banksia Boutique and where can our Chekoh Mama's find you?

I've always been into fashion and using clothes as a way of self expression. I worked in retail for 15 years – between overseas expeditions – before losing my job due to Covid. I started curating and selling vintage and pre-loved treasures that I'd stashed away from my travels, and it was just so fun that I realised I wanted to do it full time. Soon after we moved to the Northern Rivers area, the opportunity to open Banksia came up and I couldn't resist. No time like the present!
You can find us on the main street in the sunshine-filled Ballina.                              

Tell us your biggest 'win' of 2021 and what you'd like to achieve in 2022!

My biggest win in 2021 was seeing our Banksia X Salty Swimwear collaboration take shape. We actually launched in February 2022 and it was the greatest feeling. Knowing how much work went in and getting to create magic with Bek from Salty Swimwear and the talented women at Rye Studio was a dream. Collaborating with friends – add that to your bucket list. The year was off to a pretty incredible start, so the bar is set high for the rest of 2022. I'd like this year to involve more labels, more space and more time for fun... and we have a few more sneaky collaborations in the works.       

Which is your favourite Chekoh piece and why?

Easy! The Wrap in Forest. It's a must-have for any new mothers. I've lost count of the times my gorgeous friends and customers have said it was their fave purchase! It's super easy to use and that colour is PERFECTION.                             
Forest Chekoh Baby Wrap at Banksia Boutique Ballina NSW Australia  

Do you have any trends picked out for this year?

Vests! I know they've had their time in the (Winter) sun, but I really think they'll be the main event this year. I've already started my collection – eyeing off pieces from upcoming collections and raiding my local op shops.                                                 

What song is on repeat at Banksia Boutique at the moment?

Islands by The XX – summer loving and excited energy blaring through our speakers ALL. DAY. LONG.                                                                                         

And finally, what are 3 items you would gift to a new Mama to be?

One. Chekoh Wrap in Forest – a truly essential purchase.
Two. Mayde Nursing Tea – naturopathically blended to ease and support the lactation journey. Key for those long days.
Three. Mindful Mixers Raw Cane Margarita Mix – for those long nights... no explanation needed.                                                                                                     
Otto wearing cool sunnies
Otto wearing some cool sunnies 
A huge thank you to Dory from Banksia Boutique Ballina for letting us have a peek into her life! 
PLEASE NOTE: Banksia Boutique is currently closed while the community rebuilds and online orders will be dispatched once there is access to a Post Office.                  
Banksia Boutique Ballina 
171 River Street, Ballina NSW 2478
Do you have a Chekoh Stockist you would like to hear from? 
Let us know and stay tuned for the next Stockist Series post!

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