How to Breastfeed in your Chekoh Baby Carrier

How to Breastfeed in your Chekoh Baby Carrier

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So, you're currently breastfeeding and have mastered those babywearing skills? Now, let's learn how to pair these two together - you'll be thankful that you did!

It may take some practice and a bit of patience but you'll be on your way to comfortable feeding on-the-go soon. It's totally achievable and may we say - an absolute game changer!

Taylor Meredith Breastfeeding in a Chekoh Baby Wrap Carrier

[Taylor wears the Grey Stripe Wrap Carrier]

Essential Safety Tips

As with babywearing itself, there are important steps to ensure you and your Babe are safe at all times. Before you begin, we recommend you:

  • Refresh yourself on the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing 
  • Be aware - keep your eye on their positioning, breathing and ensure their face is free of obstructions. This includes: clothing, the carrier or your breast. 
  • Move Baby away from the nursing position when they are not actively nursing. 
  • Once you have finished nursing, re-adjust the carrier for an optimal, safe and secure carry. 

    Wrap Carrier 

    Taylor nurses in her Chekoh Baby Newborn Carrier

    [Taylor nurses in the Grey Stripe Wrap Carrier]

    Ring Sling Carrier

    Beautiful Aussie Mum Dayna breastfeeds in a Chekoh Ring Sling Carrier

    [Dayna (@daynajangles) breastfeeds in a Camel Chekoh Sling Carrier]

    Both the Wrap Carrier and Ring Sling have a similar process. We've covered both in our instructional video with Amanda Sykes, the Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) of Caring Hands Home Maternity Services.

    One thing to note with a Ring Sling Carrier - you may be limited to breastfeeding from one side only. We recommend switching up sides as often as you can. Setting up your Sling Carrier on the opposite shoulder can sometimes be an awkward experience, so if you're not able to master this - we suggest taking baby out for every other feed.

    Clip Carrier

    Easy from the get-go and super easy to feed in! Our Clip Carrier enables you to feed from either breast comfortably.

    Ensure you have set up the Clip Carrier for correct wear prior to attempting breastfeeding - this means: it's high around your waist, firm and baby is centred with a 'C' curve to their spine and seated in a deep 'M' squat.

    When Baby is ready to feed, loosen your selected shoulder strap and guide baby towards your breast. No need to unbuckle, only loosen. If you need to shift the Clip Carrier gently either side for added comfort, feel free to do so!

    Keep one or both hands on baby at all times and carefully monitor positioning and breathing. 

    Once Baby has finished feeding, return them to the original Carrier position and tighten the strap that you had previously loosened. Super simple!

    What are you planning to wear? 

    Garments designed for easy breast access are key! Anything you already own that can be maneouvred up, down or to the side will work. If you don't have anything suitable, take a look at our custom designed Journey Dresses here. While you are getting the hang of things at home, you may want to consider wearing nothing at all! Each Mama has their own journey, so pick whatever is most comfortable for you. 

    Did you know that our Journey Dress was made for this? 

    Chekoh Journey Dress - designed for pregnancy, birth and breastfeedingNicole wears the Grey Stripe Journey Dress 

    We know that the 'fourth trimester' is the perfect time to soak in all the greatness you have created and spend every minute together. There are so many important things to focus on, so we have simplified bump, birth and breastfeeding into one super soft and comfortable dress!

    Enter: The Journey Dress

    Designed by a Mama, for Mama's, the Journey Dress has simple breastfeeding access for you to nourish your little Babe whenever and wherever you need. With pull down front panelling you can make the most of all that skin-to-skin contact you're both craving at the moment! 

    Easy to wear, easy to breastfeed in, easy to wash - simple right? 

    Why Nurse In My Chekoh?

    There are SO many benefits of babywearing. For both parents and little ones - bonding, regulating temperature and breathing, helping to free up busy mama's hands - particularly when chasing after older siblings! The need for function paired with fashion is something we focus heavily on, to bring you beautiful, safe, stylish, must-have carriers for your little ones. Whether acting as a discrete cover, a safe little cocoon or a comfortable blanket, your Chekoh is designed to help!

    Need Some Help?

    Breastfeeding can be seriously hard and draining business! Having support during the fourth trimester is essential to ensure a happy, positive relationship with breastfeeding. The good news? There is so much help available, if and when you need it. 

    Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)

    The Australian Breastfeeding Association is available 7 days a week to assist mothers and parents during their breastfeeding journey, to support them and provide information on safe and effective feeding. Give them a call today!

    So go on, grab your Chekoh, do your mama-on-the-go thing, get out there and nurse your little one with pride and confidence!

    You got this Mama.

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