Mama Muse with @zoe.sallis

Mama Muse with @zoe.sallis

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Meet Zoe, a slow-living SAHM from South Australia.

We caught up with this beautiful Mama of two for a chat about everything from Mama must haves to style tips, and everything in between! 


Please tell us about yourself and your oh-so-gorgeous family? 


I am lucky enough to be a stay at home Mum to two beautiful boys, Liam who is nearly three and Ari who is six months old. We live in South Australia and spend our days exploring our beautiful state. 


@zoe.sallis family


Can you tell us the story about how you came up with your baby names? 


I spent a lot of time going through baby names, I found it so hard to decide what to call the tiny person growing in my belly without knowing their personality. It’s so funny though, once they were born the names we had chosen just fit. Liam knew that Ari would be his brother’s name from the first time we said it so it kind of just stuck.


Australian Mama @zoe.sallis


What has been the highlight of your parenting journey so far?


Watching the boys bond and learn to interact with each other has been so special. Liam is so caring and protective of Ari, he checks on him constantly and brings him toys and books. They have so much love for each other it really is just magical.


Sweet moments with Aussie Mama @zoe.sallis


We absolutely adore your minimal and elevated style, what are your three top brands to shop when it comes to fashion essentials? 


I am big on creating a capsule wardrobe that is full of good quality, timeless pieces that can be built on each season. We are so lucky in Australia to have such amazing local designers, my go to brands would have to be Posse, Dissh and Marle.


Stylish Mama @zoe.sallis wears the Dune Clip Carrier from Chekoh Baby


Is there anything on your personal wishlist right now? 


Every winter I add a beautiful coat to my collection and this winter I’m going to add a maxi coat. 

I’m also going to add a new pair of loafers, they are a great way to elevate a look whilst being able to transition from the shops to playgrounds. 

Our ten year wedding anniversary is in a couple years and I have been lusting over a Cartier Love bracelet so that will hopefully be my next big purchase. 


What are your top 3 things every new Mama needs? 


Both of my babies have lived in a carrier and of course the Chekoh Clip is our go to. It is the only way to guarantee sleep for a baby that will only contact nap. It also makes it possible to run around after a very energetic toddler while still keeping baby happy.


Zoe from @zoe.sallis wears the new DUNE Clip Carrier from Chekoh Baby


We have used our Bubba Cloud baby lounger so much, it is a beautiful cozy and safe space to put bubs down and is easily transported around the house or out and about.

Our other must have is our Bugaboo Donkey, I find walking is a great way to get back to exercise after having a baby and a lovely stroller makes it so much more enjoyable. We always knew we wanted to have babies close together so it was key for us to purchase a stroller that would work for one or two children. I love that both children can sit side by side with the Donkey and with only one child there is a handy side basket.


The best piece of advice you have ever received? 

The most valuable advice I have received is to trust your instincts and do what is right for you.
There is so much noise in the parenting space and it is easy to feel like you are doing everything wrong. I was much more at ease when I took the approach that something is only a problem if it’s not working for me. I have done contact naps, rocked to sleep, picked them up as soon as they have cried and it works for me and our family and that is all that matters.


What's next for you and your family?


This year we are planning a sea change, I grew up close to the beach and both of our boys are so happy when they are by the seaside. 

We want to be able to embrace a slow lifestyle, be able be fully present and make the most of this short season that is the boy’s childhood.


Sea change on the horizon for @zoe.sallis and her family


Want to learn more about Zoe and her journey through motherhood?

Follow along on Instagram: @zoe.sallis

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