How to Wash Your Chekoh Carrier

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Are you a mixes-whites-with-the-colours kind of washer?  

Not sure how to get longevity out of your Carrier? 

Then look no further! Today we are going to school you on how to wash your Carrier - no matter which Chekoh you have. 

Now, all of our Carriers are already washed prior to shipment and are packed into a 100% biodegradable garment bag to make sure they're fresh and clean for you to wear upon arrival. 

However, if you'd like to give your Carrier a quick wash before use, we do recommend popping it inside the Chekoh Wash Bag that comes free with every Carrier purchase! This helps to prevent tangles and unnecessary stretching in the washing machine when the Carrier is wet and washed with other items.

If you have a Ring Sling, wrap the fabric around the rings to prevent any clanking or damage to the rings when being tumbled in the washer/dryer. 

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Once in the Chekoh Wash Bag and ready to wash - pop into a cold wash cycle (no bleach or stain lifting agents!) with sensitive/natural detergents if possible. After the wash is complete, tumble dry on a low heat and gentle cycle. 

If you find that you'd like to press your carrier, do so on a warm setting. 

As always, with new items that are colour dyed we suggest washing it separately the first time or two, juuust in case the colours aren't completely colourfast. 

So in a quick summary; TLDR: 

  • If you have a Ring Sling, cover the rings with fabric
  • Pop in Chekoh Wash Bag 
  • Cold wash cycle (no bleach!) 
  • Tumble dry on low heat/gentle cycle 
  • Press with warm iron (if necessary) 

For full care instructions, these can be found sewn inside the little "pocket" of your Ring Sling or Stretchy Wrap. For our Clip Carrier, these will be sewn onto the back of your waist band. Easy reference? We think so! 

You can also use your Chekoh Wash Bag for storing your Carrier when it's not in use or for anything you could possible imagine: snacks, baby socks, lego pieces, snacks, pegs, underwear, oh and did we mention snacks? 

How do you wash your Chekoh? 

If you have any questions about washing your Chekoh Carrier, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! 

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