Yummy Mummy Physio: Part I

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Stretch It Out

Last week, the Chekoh team were extremely lucky to score some time with the incredibly effervescent Paula Hindle of Yummy Mummy Physio in her beautiful home here in Lutwyche, Queensland. A qualified Exercise Physiologist with a Masters in Physiotherapy, Paula is the go-to in all mama-related health concerns, with a focus on obstetrics and gynaecology. Not only does she consult from home, she has incredibly user-friendly, easily accessible online 12-week programs - including both exercise and nutrition instruction - for both pregnant and postpartum mamas! No need to fret, you can download virtual Paula via her website, here.


Paula is renowned in the pre-and-post natal world of women's health, having worked in the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital and Mater Mother's Hospital, and along with her home clinic, actively consults with private Gynaecology and Obstetrics patients at Mater Redlands.

As a mother of two, your first impression of Paula is 'wow'. She has the most intoxicating energy, a smile that generates the strongest feelings of warmth and security and the most admirable physique. She is one of those seriously genuine people that you feel like you've known for a very long time. Her bedside manner is effortless and comforting, providing a practitioner/patient bond that feels like that of a new friendship between mothers.

Yes, I love her. How do I know she is top notch? Because she turned my heavily pregnant and painful waddle, into a less-penguine-like, more normal (and less painful) gait. Proof is in my pregnancy pudding.

We met with new mama Amy and her seven week old Ruby, at Paula's home in Lutwyche. With the beautiful morning light outside, overlooked by a huge deck, we set up to capture some helpful and practical tips and tricks for post-partum mamas, to relieve tension, increase strength and invigorate our over-taxed bodies after pregnancy, all while babywearing! 

The Chekoh Chatter community spoke, and we listened. We will be using our preciously sourced (and video captured!) instructions from Paula to provide you, our fellow mamas, with some very basic but very effective moves and stretches to ease your post partum body back into wellness and strength. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive each part of our multi-part series with Paula of Yummy Mummy Physio.

How-To: Loosen 'Mama Neck'

YOU know what I'm talking about...your very incredible body has just dropped weight, re-arranged itself inside and you are suddenly left feeling a little weak and a whole lot tired, leaving your posture and positioning whilst holding baby, a lot to be desired. After enduring those final weeks of pregnancy just trying to stay upright, your exhausted body seems far less a priority than the tiny body it grew and then recently expelled. Endless hours of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, rocking, dancing and jiggling to send baby into sleepyland, results in a knotted, aching neck, shoulders and arms. You become so tired you make a mental note to sit ergonomically in your feeding chair, or ensure you are moving around mindfully but when witching hour strikes and baby will only sleep while you're standing on one foot, holding his left big toe and singing the alphabet to the tune of 'somewhere over the rainbow' (I forgot the words, ok?), you will happily sacrifice your body for a sleeping baby.

Paula donned a Black Stripe Wrap Carrier while Amy wore Ruby in a Grey Stripe Wrap, to demonstrate three simple, extremely effective stretches to practice daily, post-feed. The best thing about them? You can do them anywhere, anytime! 100% babywearing friendly, these simple moves will have your neck, chest and shoulders feeling loved and attended to whilst looking fabulous in your designer Chekoh (complete with regurgitated milk and mum bun, if you're lucky).

Watch, and learn, below (you're welcome).


We hope you have enjoyed the first part of our four-part series with the Yummy Mummy herself, Paula and hope that you join us next time for Part 2! (sneak peek: it's on Self-Assessment of Abdominal Separation!). 

Follow Paula's Yummy Mummy Physio antics by clicking the relevant platform below:











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