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Archer Naturals Skincare

Sometimes, you're lucky enough to be friends with the owner and founder of an incredible business that is:

a) local

b) natural and aligned with our brand ethos

c) owned by a Naturopath at Lifestyle Health & Wellbeing Centre

d) that Naturopath has just given birth to a delicious baby you manage to nab as a model

e) generous enough to donate some of their very natural, safe and effective Vapour Balm to our lucky customers!*

You KNOW you're onto a winner when Redcliffe born and bred Naturopath, mother and childhood friend Stacey Woodcroft of Archer Naturals is a Chekoh fan! We were lucky enough to shoot the beautiful Stacey on our local Redcliffe soil, against the Fawn and Clay-coloured cliffs by the beautiful waters of Margate Beach, in time for the launch of our AW17 collection.

Tested in the renowned tropical climate of North Brisbane, QLD, Stacey developed products for common ailments such as itchy bites, eczema and even for breastfeeding. Archer Naturals is a combination of natures herbal and botanical ingredients, to 'protect, nourish and strengthen'. Stacey says:

As a mother to son Archer (and now Oliver), Archer Naturals was created to put parent's minds at ease, including my own. As a specialist in Women and Children's health, I see a lot of parents looking for healthier alternatives. So when I became a mum, the number one thing I needed living in Queensland was a Natural Insect repellent as I refused to spray some of the nasty ones out there, all over my baby - this is where Archer Naturals began.  We now have 4 products currently on the market and we are all about creating a natural product that works,  minus all the unnecessary extras. 

Archer Naturals Vapour Balm

Stacey has very generously donated pots of her full-sized 50g Vapour Balm for Chekoh customer purchases from the AW17 Collection, from today! 

What is Vapour Balm?

A 100% safe, natural and effective balm, with the natural vapours of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender. Our Vapour balm is petroleum, paraben, sulphate and fragrance free. Instead we use 100% natural essential oils to help clear congestion and snuffy noses.

Who can use it?

Our Vapour Balm is suitable for the whole family! From 12 weeks of age onwards, right up to adulthood. Apply to the chest, upper back and soles of feet for instant soothing.


Why is 'natural' so important?

Sourcing a product or a food that has less chemicals, minimal harm and the least toxic load to our system is what Natural health is all about. Allowing our bodies to function to the best of their ability, right from birth into adulthood.

Why is 'natural' so important for both mums and bubs?

The best advice I can offer, is to keep products and food sources clean and natural from the beginning. That advice, whilst may seem to be directed at babies, really does apply for mums as well. It's widely unknown that 70% of our bodies chemical burden, is actually incorporated into our breastmilk.  Living a healthier, more natural lifestyle with less chemicals is really something our parents and grandparents did - it's nothing new - but we just need to remind ourselves, life these days offers a lot of options which ultimately may not be the best for us.

*To receive a free Vapour Balm, simply purchase from the below AW17 collection from 28th June 2017, while stocks last. 


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