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With her earthy rustic colours and palettes of natural elements and forms, we felt an instant draw to Eve Nicholson-Smith’s work, her creations, her art.

We were so honoured to work with Eve on our new limited edition print design - ARC since the early months of 2019 (and now she’s finally here, the Wrap, not Eve - although I’m sure she’d  be up for a visit to the land down under). 


Working on a Wrap design is something a little new for you Eve, designing art for our little beings. Would you mind sharing a little bit about your family, where you live and what you love?
I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband Ryan and our two little girls, Saoirse (who’s about to turn 4) and Jade (who will be 2 this summer). I spend my days at home with them and use nap time and evenings to draw and work on collaborations. I love being home with them but also like having a creative outlet for myself, so I feel lucky to be able to share my art this way.   We also love being outside so I’m excited that spring is finally on its way here!


Scrolling through your IG Feed, the colours, the tones make us feel the warmth of the earth, the elements and images of course seem equally inspired. I wonder what influences you most with your art?
I love working with warm earthy colours in my illustrations because they feel calming and peaceful to me. I’m also inspired by the simple beauty in the objects and rituals that surround us every day.  I’m so thankful for the positive feedback about my art! It feels so cool to be able to share my drawings with people on the other side of the world as well as here at home. I think most of my followers and the people I follow are in Australia -I just like your taste! Haha 


We’ve been so excited to see your amazing art come to life with a few more Aussie based brands and labels. When was the moment that @muse_paper really began to reach people? I’ve seen so many of my friends and favourite IG accounts double tapping the like button for your posts, was there ever a defining moment, tag or collab so to speak?
I wouldn’t say there’s been a particular defining moment or collaboration but I think I got some more Australians aware of my art when I made a design for @by.billie and then more recently I’ve collaborated with @daehair which has gotten some more American followers. I’m so grateful to work on all the collaborations I’ve been able to do! I love working together with brands to achieve a vision and then seeing the final product is always such a thrill.
Now that you’re a little more familiar with Chekoh, what are your thoughts on #wearingallthebabes? Did you wear your little one? Would you encourage a little closeness to your ‘new parent’ friends?
I love wearing my babies! I used a cloth wrap for each of them when they were newborns- it was my favourite way to carry them around when they were super young. It felt so nice and cozy to have them right there. And convenient too! Now that my littlest is almost 2 I don’t carry her around as much and I use a more structured carrier when I do. She still loves getting around that way though and my 4 year old would too if I let her haha!

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