5 Tips For Summer Babywearing

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We thought we would share you some pointers on comfortably wearing baby as the temps start to rise. Not just for snuggles in wintertime, our Chekoh carriers are formulated with the warm down under summer in mind. We often encounter questions like:⁠

What should I dress baby in?

Will baby overheat?

Will I become a sweaty betty?

Will the carriers feel like I'm wearing a blanket in the middle of summer?

Why is the world round?

Why is the sky blue?

Okay so maybe not the last two...but we can answer the first few!

Let's break it down for you:

1. Bamboo Breathing Bliss

Our wraps are made with butter soft bamboo, mixed in with some spandex which means our carriers are breathable to ensure both baby and Babywearer are keeping cool and breezy. Our ring slings are bamboo/linen which is also luscious and cool, FYI.

2. Outfitting the Infant

Generally, guidelines specify that babies should wear however many layers YOU are wearing, plus one as young babies are less able to regulate their body temperature. For Babywearing - given that baby is against your own body temperature - your Chekoh carrier becomes that plus one and your body helps to maintain the optimal temp for your little one.

3. The Long & Short of It

Our exclusively-designed bamboo spandex blend means Chekoh Wraps are the lightest, and least lengthy carriers on the market. Less fabric/less weight means less heat on yours and babies bod!

4. Sunscreen Dream

Bamboo has natural protectant properties against the suns rays. In addition to your infant sunscreen, your carrier can provide additional protection against the harsh sun. It is also naturally moisture wicking, so sweaty Betty will become comfy Cathy in mere minutes!

5. Head & Feet Cheat

Babies who are worn correctly and safely have their head and feet free to emit excess heat to cool their little bods. If baby's hands and feet feel cold, an extra layer is needed to keep their warmth at an optimal level. 


Are you expecting a Summertime arrival?

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