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Meet Immy - wife, self confessed 'cool mum' and all round decent human. 

Originally from Canada, Immy now finds herself living the New Jersey dream with her husband and two young daughters. 

We caught up with Immy after she shared her amazingly fun 'Cool Mum' reel on Instagram to learn a little bit more about this special Mama. 


Tell us a little bit about your family? 

Immy and her gorgeous daughters enjoying a day out with Chekoh

[Immy wears the Chekoh Ring Sling in Terracotta]

I'm originally from Canada and moved to the US after marrying my husband. We've been married for nearly a decade and have two young daughters. We love exploring outdoors and finding fun things to do together as a family.

How has babywearing helped you? 

Cool Mum Immy is rocking the Chekoh Ring Sling Carrier in Terracotta

[Immy wears the Chekoh Ring Sling in Terracotta]

I fell in love with baby wearing early on in my motherhood journey. The convenience of being able to navigate the world with my baby cuddled up on my chest in unmatched. When I had my second daughter, baby wearing became a necessity. I love that I'm able to pop my littlest in a sling and while attending to my oldest. For me, baby wearing is like having an extra set of hands.

When or where is your favourite time to wear your little one? 

Immy, mom of two rocking the sold out Gingham Sling style from Chekoh Baby Carriers

[Immy wears our sold out Gingham Print Ring Sling, swaddles still available here]

I love wearing my little one anytime, anywhere, any place. And I do mean any place, I've even worn my baby in the shower! When baby is feeling fussy, or I need to get things done around the house, when we're travelling, or just walking around our neighbourhood, I reach for my sling.

What has been the highlight of your journey through parenthood so far?

Immy on a beach with her little one, enjoying hands free snuggles with a Chekoh Ring Sling Carrier

[Immy wears our sold out Gingham Print Ring Sling, swaddles still available here]

We're at a point where my girls are slowly starting to play together. Watching their relationship develop is the most amazing thing to me. Seeing them learn and grow is my greatest joy.


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A huge thanks to Immy for being our Mama Muse this week!

Immy's Instagram: @immy_lovely

Are you a Chekoh Mama or Papa who would love to be on the blog?  Reach out to us! 

We’ll see you for the next Chekoh Mama Muse. 

Chekoh xx

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