5 Reasons Chest to Chest is Best - Safe Babywearing with Chekoh

5 Reasons Chest to Chest is Best - Safe Babywearing with Chekoh

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Since it's infamous representation on The Hangover, many parents have queried if Chekoh has a safe way to carry baby facing out, and we answer with an emphatic no. Why? Let's break it down:

1. Baby Back On Track

Beachside photography by @thesimpleimage wearing Chekoh Baby Carrier in Asha

Physiologically speaking, baby has a gentle, C-curved spine both within the womb and out. Babies facing their parent can obtain this neutral spine easily and naturally as it is the way nature intended. Wearing them facing out forces their very delicate spine forwards when pressed against their parents torso, which can be incredibly detrimental to their development.

2. Heavy Head

Kisses made easy with Chekoh Baby Wrap Carriers

For the first months of babies post-partum life, their muscles, bones and tendons in their neck are not yet able to support the weight of their head. Facing baby outward prevents them being able to rest their head against your chest, resulting in a complete lack of support. 

3. Hip Health

Hip Healthy Certified for a comfortable and safe carry with Chekoh

From birth, babies hips are incredibly susceptible to change in the way they are aligned during their formative first months. For healthy hip development, knees and thighs must be supported to form a seated frog-like position. While babywearing, the knees are up higher than the bottom to ensure there is less pressure on the hip joints. When forward facing, the pressure is instead on babies pelvis and back and their knees and hips are not supported. 

4. I Spy Overload

Safe babywearing with Chekoh Baby

Just as they do in the womb, babies seek protection and shelter from the elements, from danger and from overstimulation from their very busy environment. Babies curl up against their parents chest to escape their hectic surroundings and rest their heads. When facing outward, they are susceptible to every single stimuli an adult brain can manage - but the primitive newborn brain cannot process. It also prevents parents from reading the very subtle cues in babies facial expressions.

5. Body Temp 

Outdoor time in a Chekoh Baby Stretchy Wrap Carrier in Asha

Facing their parent and having the majority of their bodies surface area against them allows babies to thermoregulate against their parents temperature, to ensure they are kept as cool or warm as necessary for their environment. When forward facing, baby doesn't have direct access to their parents skin, preventing them from being able to do this. 

In summary, babies were made to be carried facing their parent - available to heat, emotional engagement, healthy hip and spine development and shelter from overstimulation - facing them forward goes against our primal nature to nurture and protect our young. For step-by-step instruction on our various recommended carry style techniques, please click here.  

Model: Danielle Correya
Photographer: The Simple Image

Our beautiful model and mum of two, Danielle, wears the Chekoh Stretchy Wrap in Asha. Click to shop.

Have any baby wearing questions? Head over to our IGTV or send us an email at info@chekoh.com 

Chekoh xx



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