How to Belly Wrap with your Chekoh Wrap

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This is one for our pregnant Mama's - now of course you have your Chekoh ready for your little ones arrival but did you know you can bust open that bag and start using your Wrap as more then just a carrier?

Let's talk Belly Wrapping you may or may not be familiar with this term and it might draw your thoughts towards belly bands or post partum recovery products or shapewear, well this type of wrapping is more useful in late pregnancy for a brief respite and to help 'lighten the load' so to say.

A quick run down of what it is: so you start with a Wrap (we suggest of course our Chekoh stretchy Wrap carrier) now you'll tie the Wrap over your big beautiful pregnant belly, you stretch and spread the fabric across your back and shoulders, under your bump and tighten/adjust your Wrap for ultimate belly support and comfort.

Not too confusing (it really isn't, trust us), don't worry we have a great little video for you here to take a look in more detail and follow along at home:

 chekoh baby wrap carrier belly wrapping support pregnancy

Here's some more info on the benefits.. 


  • your lower back
  • bump
  • overworked abdominal muscles


  • joint pain
  • ligament pain
  • back pain

Align & Position

  • your posture and body
  • your baby for labour 

 chekoh baby wrap carrier belly wrapping pregnant

Things to consider before you wrap....
  • of course follow any medical advice and consult your health care practitioner before attempting 
  • listen to your body if you ever feel uncomfortable - cease wear 
  • the purpose is gentle compression and support  

If you have any questions about Belly Wrapping, be sure to email our certified Babywearing Educator at - we're here to help!

Oh and enjoy the support, please let us know in the comment section below if Belly Wrapping helped you on your pregnancy journey x

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