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When cuddling babies is so much more than a fashion statement

The practice of cuddling and snuggling babies, sniffing their delicate heads and planting innumerable kisses on their tufty little old-man-style hair, appears to be something of a stylish fashion statement, due to its widespread presence on social media platforms across the globe. With the stunning prints and designs, it has become almost an accessory to mums and dads alike; a fashionable add-on for parents.

While I am all for the 'look' and style that babywearing with Chekoh provides, I feel the need to emphasise the functional properties our wraps and slings offer, and have chosen just five to reiterate to you - my fellow wearers-of-babes - how incredible and multi-faceted your Chekoh baby carrier actually is.

Bond...Babe Bond

As previously mentioned in my blog about PND and Babywearing, the closeness of mama to baby creates more than just an embrace - it floods both cuddle participants in the 'bonding' hormone Oxytocin, enabling mama and baby to connect, unify and align their breathing, temperature and heart-rate in relation to each other. Being in the 'fourth trimester' is virtually an extension of being pregnant - baby isn't able to separate himself from you mentally, so keeping you connected physically in your Chekoh carrier offers the most similar sensation to being back in the bedwomb!

Baby Don't Cry

In a study of 99 mother/baby pairs presenting with colic, Hunziker & Barr observed a 43% reduction rate of crying and fussing, in babies more frequently carried by mama. Even babes considered to have a secure attachment, are prone to crying when removed from their primary caregiver and most become instantly soothed upon return to mama/papa's arms (Bell & Ainsworth, 1972). Stop the tears, Chekoh is here!

Hip (Alignment) To Be Square

Many babies are born with hip instability, having been squished into all sorts of pretzel-like positions in-utero. The Hip Dysplasia Association states that:

When proper hip position is maintained while babywearing, there may be substantial benefit for natural hip development. This practice may decrease the risk of hip dysplasia, and should be encouraged in regions with high prevalence of hip dysplasia

The Institute observed that when the proper 'M/Jockey/Spread Squat' position is followed, health hip alignment is demonstrated and hip dysplasia is less likely. Saddle up those babes! For a closer look at these proper carry positions, head to Chekoh's How-To demonstrations here.

Sleeping Beauty

Crying is baby's way of communicating to his parents that he needs something. While we can autonomously fulfil our needs, baby can't head to the shops, stare lovingly at a barista and ask for 'coffee please!?' Sometimes, just like us, baby just wants to be held. In those first few months and beyond, many parents find baby only settles and sleeps while attached to them. This means longing stares at the remote that's ten centimetres out of reach, a parched mouth and a non-stop chirp from your phone, filling with requests by gushing granparents for 'more pics of their angel cakes'. Pop on a Chekoh, fill it with baby, and you're now able to quench thirst/Netflix and chill/snap a gazillion cute pics of your baby in your stylish new carrier. Voila!

Footloose & (Fancy) Hands Free

The early days of motherhood are often spent longing to be an octopus (Imagine being able to change baby, pick a wedgie, have a drink, open the boot, wave to your neighbour, hang out washing, brush your hair and check you email!? Living the octopus dream...sigh). Instead of using both very, very underrated and suddenly taken-for-granted hands to carry your little, you can instead wear said little, and have two whole free hands! Imagine the possibilities. You can be a quarter octopus! 

Living. The. Dream.



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