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Mother's Day

It's my favourite day of the year - over birthdays, Christmas, Easter, International No Pants Day (is that a thing? It should be...) - every single one of these happy celebrations pales in comparison to the day that acknowledges me as a mother to my child, and me as a daughter to my mother. 

Move over Santa, I've got a sticky-fingered, messy-haired mini me to give me a thousand open-mouthed kisses, a handmade card fashioned out of a shoe-box and bedazzled with three packets of glitter (that will take five years to eradicate) and some glued-on pasta shells for extra effect. Perfection. If I can score a cuppa in bed too, regardless of the ungodly hour I have been awoken, then that's just the playdough icing on top of the mud-pie cake!

My own journey to motherhood was extremely touch-and-go, so the mere feat of becoming one is by far my greatest achievement, hence why it's the most decorated day on my calendar. On a day so momentous and emotive, it's important for me to acknowledge the mamas out there who find Mother's Day to be anything but joyful. As magnificent as this day on the calendar is for me and many other mamas, it's the hardest, longest day for many more. My heart, my love and my thoughts are shared with you on this day. You are not forgotten, you are not alone and you are loved.

I recently chatted with some of our beautiful mamas in Chekoh Chatter, about this exact thing. One particular mama shared the loss of her grandmother and how much it affects her mother and in turn, her, on this very special day. For many, a day filled with so many emotions can be truly bittersweet, and exhausting. The mama spoke to me and asked me, if I had any kind words, or gestures, for her to share with her own mother on this day to ease the pain of the massive void her mother was carrying. Humbled, I thought about the meaning and bearing of motherhood; what it means emotively, and physically. I suggested to her, that she use the day to pay tribute to her grandmother - because without her - her mother, herself and her children, would not exist. This connectivity to her lineage, made me think it would be a nice gesture, if on this day each year, she celebrate her grandmother - by playing her favourite song, or taking an annual family photograph in front of her favourite spot, or by even planting a tree - as a symbol of her presence and her relevance to the day of the Mother. However painful this may be for the first years, the passage of time and new, happy memories over years of the tradition may help to alleviate the gloom and heartache felt when the loss is raw and present. 







On a lighter note, I would like to share with you, if I may, my anecdotal memory my mother shares with me every year, over a giggle and a cuppa, of the moment I gifted her the most gawdy, over-the-top gift of a little tiny terracotta pot plant with ceramic flowers and adornments around its top. I had saved my pocket-money up for weeks and weeks, headed to the local shopping centre with my dad and sister and happily stumbled upon a cute little gift shop with teeny tiny delicate breakables and trinkets. This particular hand-painted pot with its fake flowers and intricately painted foliage caught my eye, and I simply had to have it. Imagine my heart break when I asked the little elderly lady how much it was, to be told $12.95. The sweet lady must've seen my face fall and my bottom lip quiver, as she asked me how many pennies I had, and when I told her 'I only have eight dollars!' with a sheer look of panic, she patted me on the shoulder and said 'That's enough, dear' and proceeded to wrap the gift for me. Imagine my elation. 


I wish I could share with you the video documentation of this moment, of me dancing around her like a seagull after a chip, rubbing my hands together in glee as she opened it. Either my mum really, really loved it or she should have moved to Hollywood. I was near to bursting when she matched her enthusiasm with mine, upon feasting her eyes on the glorious gift. She still has it, to this day, and will never tire of reliving that moment - and neither will I.



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  • I will never forget that moment…you were so skinny and so excited, jumping, clapping and saying in your squeakiest voice ‘open it, open it’. You were BURSTING and it was the best Mother’s Day ever! Donna and your dad would remember it well too as it was so so special. Thanks for making me a mother and now a grandmother. I love you and as my ailing dad said this week, you have my qualities running through you and now our precious Poppy xxx

    Mum on

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