Ankalia + Chekoh = Palmera

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The conception of a baby (wearing) dream 

What happens when two passionate, creative and driven women meet at a babywearing convention, share a glass/bottle of wine and enjoy a group hug? I'm just guessing about the hug but it seems like a logical series of events.

A beautiful palm-printed collaboration is born, THAT'S what happens. Introducing, 'Palmera'. A print collaboration by Ankalia Textiles and Chekoh Baby.

Ankalia Co-founders Alex Lyons and Kellie Rakich joined forces with Chekoh's own Krystal Tupi - both household names in the babywearing industry in Australia and overseas - to bring the babywearing community a lush, tropical-printed design in both Ankalia's signature woven wrap style and Chekoh's own stretch bamboo wrap carrier. 



Despite having a very similar customer base, Krystal, Kellie and Alex saw the opportunity to align their beautiful brands to produce something unique, yet covetable to both their customer bases and at the same time, garner a sense of sisterhood and solidarity between parents of the babywearing community.

In a climate where competition is fierce, it may seem less than ideal to join forces with our competitor, but Krystal, Kellie and Alex see it differently. The joining of two babywearing powerhouses signifies unity, support and grace and speaks volumes about the incredible warmth, love and intention that goes into every single wrap and carrier made under their brands.

Our customers, our followers, our prints and designs and our ethics are very similar and on par, it was kind of just the next step - Krystal, Chekoh Baby

The entire business vision set by these three women is to provide the world with a stylish, safe and supportive carrier to wear all the babies, with peace of mind and a spring in your step. With the release of Palmera, this vision is furthered by its international appeal - reflecting Australian summers (and winters!), and launching as the other side of the world enters their warmer seasons. 

I sat down with Alex, one half of Ankalia (she was actually bouncing baby Elijah in her woven Palmera at the time), and asked her some questions. 

Me: Why 'Ankalia'? Does the name have any significance?

Alex: 'Ankalia' has Greek origins and means 'to embrace', so it was a beautifully symbolic word for us.

Me: Ankalia is a partnership between yourself and Kellie Rakich, how did your union come about?

Alex: Funnily enough, Kellie and I met via Facebook and didn't actually meet in person until well after 12 months into our business launching. 

Me: How did you decide on a print?

Alex: When we approached Chekoh, we all loved the design. The colour, the print, it was ideal for both of us. 

What's not to love? The anticipation for this special, limited edition print has been so worth the wait - but the wait is over. 'Palmera', in all her tropical glory, is here.



















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