5 Steps To Wearing Your Chekoh (PWCC) - Oh and we've RE-Lauched our Journal!

5 Steps To Wearing Your Chekoh (PWCC) - Oh and we've RE-Lauched our Journal!

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Well it has been a little while, a lot of new faces, new parents and new wearers!  So here is our 5 Simple Steps with a Stretchy! Our most popular, most used Wrap carry: The Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC)!

The advantages of this style of carry, the one we highlight in our instruction booklet with each Chekoh Wrap, is that you can pre-tie. No fumbling frantically in the car park, trying to perform wrap origami while your tiny baby wails impatiently to be attended to. No dragging your beautiful piece along a dirty ground, collecting more lint than your baby's adorable neck folds. No flustered checking on your selfie screen to see if you have flat passes across your back and shoulders. 

This is by far the easiest technique to manage, and you will find yourself doing it via sheer muscle memory - in the dark - on those 3am wake-ups with an unsettled babe to do some interpretive night-jiggling whilst boiling the kettle and shoving handfuls of dry cereal into your gob. No? Just me? One word. NUTRIGRAIN. Oh, that sweet, sweet sugary goodness.


1. TAG - You're It! 

Ensure your tag is aligned centrally under your bust. Holding one side (at the side of your rib cage), pass one pass around behind your back and over the opposite shoulder. You can prevent twisting, by passing the top rail of your waist pass from the hand behind your back to the one holding the other side of the wrap (you will have to drop this piece but your tag will still be central). Pull that top rail up and over your shoulder.

2. Slip and Tuck

Slide the pass from over your shoulder, underneath the waist band so it's tucked in. Do the same for the other pass, so both are tucked underneath the waist pass. 

Once you have created enough tension and are happy with the firmness, take the tightened passes from underneath the waist band and cross them over each other, and pass them around the back. 


3. Let's Tie Up Loose Ends! 

Kick back and relax without a knot digging into your back, by tying your ends to the side or even to the front if you have enough excess material left to do so. Please ensure this knot is a double knot for extra security. Now you're free to put your feet up and be hand-fed grapes by the pool! Right!?


4. Knee To Knee

Spread the pass behind one knee and over baby's bottom, right up to the other knee. Repeat for the other side's pass - thumb in, scoop the leg inside - and spread the pass across from one knee to the other.


5. Chekoh Pass Comes Last!

Find your Chekoh waist pass with the tag on, bunch it up and pull it down and over baby's legs, then spread from baby's bottom up to back of baby's neck.

AAAAAAND you're done.

Simple as that! You can make any final adjustments you need, flip your shoulder for less fabric around baby's face, or even tuck baby's head back into the pocket for extra neck support, particularly when they are under 12 weeks and have limited head and neck control.

Who has questions? Be sure to comment below, and we can address them in our weekly Instagram live sessions. Or as always, send us an email at info@chekoh.com and one of our team can help you with your wear!

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