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Wash, dry, fold, place on chair for all eternity. No? Just us? 

We get that laundry day seems to roll around A LOT quicker when you have a little one and becomes a bit like that movie Groundhog Day. 

Let us help take the stress out of your Chekoh washing so that you keep your Carrier in tip-top shape and ready to wear in a flash.


The care instructions can be found sewn inside the little "pocket" of the Wrap or Sling Carrier and behind the waist band on your Clip Carrier.

Long story short, all of our Carriers are washed at our manufacturing facility prior to shipment. They're then packed into the 100% biodegradable garment bags you receive them in, so they're fresh and clean for you. 

If you'd like to give your carrier a quick wash before use, we recommend popping it inside your Chekoh Wash Bag and then into a cold wash (no bleach!). Tumble dry on a low heat & gentle cycle then press with a warm iron if necessary. 

We also suggest washing it separately the first time, just incase the colours aren't completely colourfast.

Washing/laundry day with Chekoh Baby Carriers and Journey Dresses

Brad wears the Forest Wrap and Chelsea wears the Grey Stripe Journey Dress


We also recommend spot cleaning before popping your Carrier in the wash. Hand clean with cool running water to avoid locking in coloured stains from those pesky pumpkin puree's!

Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and bleaches during all stages of cleaning. 


Not only is does our packaging double as an easy to use washbag for your Carrier it can be used for just about anything... literally. 

Some of the ways we've heard you use your Chekoh bags include:

  • Draw organisers
  • Snack pouch
  • Toy storage/to wash small toys
  • Nappy and wipe storage when you're on-the-go
  • Produce bag

How would you re-purpose your wash bag? 

Reusable cotton wash pouch with every Chekoh Baby Carrier


Do you have any wash day questions? Feel free to email us on info@chekoh.com

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