Which Baby Carrier Should I Choose? Wrap Vs Sling

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Babywearing is not only practical, it helps to strengthen the bond between parent and Baby. Maintaining closeness throughout the day aids in Baby’s physical and emotional development, all while you have your hands free!

Choosing the perfect carrier for you and Baby can be an overwhelming task, so let us take the guesswork out of it for you.

Our Ring Sling and Wrap carrier styles are both perfect right from birth for keeping baby upright and in a safe and comfortable carry. Both are very simple and easy to use and will facilitate and enhance all the wonderful benefits that babywearing offers new mum and bubs, but there a few small differences to note.

Here is the full low down on our carriers and why they might be just the thing you’re after. 


chekoh baby stretchy wrap carrier bamboo newborn

This is the carrier that comes to most new parents minds when they think of baby carriers. Wraps are a great solution for baby wearing beginners and are  especially great for newborns. Chekoh Wraps are best from birth (3 kilos) to around 12 months (8-10 kilos). Our stretchy Wraps are made from a beautiful lightweight stretchy bamboo blend, made exclusively for Chekoh. The material is super soft and gentle for a comfortable everyday wear. We have 15 exclusive colours and prints to choose from (Grey Stripe is a classic!) and are suitable up to a size 24 or XXXL.

The biggest advantage that our Wrap Carriers offer is the ultimate hands free carry for your newborn baby.  The wide shoulder passes mould to your body and provide a great protective and supportive strap to hold your little ones head against your chest, the same way as your hand would instinctively caress baby’s head in a natural hold. 

chekoh best baby wrap carrier for newborn


Simply place the back of baby’s head under one strap, ensuring their face is not covered by any fabric and that airways remain clear and unobstructed. This is particularly useful and definitely necessary when your little one is smaller and has limited head control and, of course, when the sleepy dust sets in and your babe is sleeping. 


The idea of wrapping got you in a knot? Follow our quick how-to guide to get confident, quickly. We suggest practicing with a doll before hand so you are a wrapping ninja when Baby arrives! 

Design:  Made with a beautiful and natural lightweight stretchy bamboo blend exclusive to Chekoh

Function: Pre-tie carrier style for a simple & secure fit for you and your baby

Wear:  Perfect from birth (3 kilos) up to 12 months or 8-10 kilos

Safety: Proudly deemed 'Hip Healthy' by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for a confident and safe carry


chekoh ring sling baby carrier newborn

Keep your options open with a beautiful ring Sling carrier. These are best from birth (3 kilos) up to 2 years (15 kilos), making them a great option for those toddler years after they have outgrown the stretchy Wrap.

Our Sling carriers are made from a beautiful and natural lightweight bamboo/linen fabric blend, exclusive to Chekoh.

Our Sling designs also offer an added head and neck support with 3 easy steps to transform you carry:

chekoh baby ring sling best newborn
  • Take the tail of your sling and twist
  • Fold the tail back onto itself so it doubles in thickness
  • Roll down the top rail of your sling and tuck the tail into it securely to produce a soft cushion like padding for your baby to rest   their head and provide support for the neck.

We currently have 6 styles in stock as everyone has been loving them - we have sold out of a lot of colour ways!A restock is coming soon but in the meantime we are LOVING the Sky Sling and for those minimalists out there, you can’t go past our classic Jett Sling. As with our Wraps, our ring Sling carriers are suitable up to a size 24 or XXXL. 

Not sure if a Sling is for you? Watch our how-to guide to see how it works and check out our available styles to see which one you would rock! 

 Design:  Made with a beautiful and natural lightweight bamboo and linen blend exclusive to Chekoh

Function: Single layer, gathered shoulder for even weight distribution and and a perfect fit

Wear:  Perfect from birth (3 kilos) up to 2 years or 15 kilos

Safety:Proudly deemed 'Hip Healthy' by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for a confident carry


Still not sure? Feel free to dive into all the resources we have here.

Just remember that we are with you #fromthebeginning and if you’re still undecided, please reach out to us or jump on our Chekoh Chatter page to talk with real world Chekoh Mama’s. We love our community and we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of babywearing in a safe and stylish way. 


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