What you wish you knew about Motherhood – You’ll Want to Read This!

What you wish you knew about Motherhood – You’ll Want to Read This!

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Becoming a Mama can be super exciting but also... overwhelming. You will have many questions and way too many resources to scroll through. Maybe you’re the first of your friend group to join this crazy cool realm of Motherhood? Or maybe you’re just curious about what lies ahead – we totally get it!
SO, we did some investigating and asked local Mama’s “What is one thing you wish you knew about being a mother, before becoming one?” and here is what they had to say:
“How much one can survive off little to NO SLEEP!”
“You don’t realise you’ll never get alone time in the toilet until they’re all grown up.”
“I didn’t know how much it would completely change my relationship with my partner.”
“Don’t forget you are doing the best you can. Acknowledge you’re human and come back to the moment with a compassionate child-like heart and perspective.” 
“I wish I knew that you didn’t need to buy all the shit they tell you to buy.”
“You’re going to cry… a lot. Like at everything whether it’s because you’re happy or sad or in between.”
“After birth infections could be as painful as labour, and that postnatal depression could start months after the baby was already born. Midwives act like if you aren’t sad in the first week, then you’re out of the woods but that’s not true!”
“You’re going to make mistakes and feel like an absolute failure, that you weren’t made to be a mum and honestly that’s the tiredness talking.”
“You will find a mum strength that you never knew you had.”
“I didn’t realise mum guilt was a thing! All the time! Guilt you’re not working enough, guilt you’re spending too much time with one child and not the other, guilt you don’t spend enough time with your husband, friends and self!”
“Friendships change. You end up being friends with other mums even if that’s the only thing you have in common.”
“I didn’t know how much love I’d receive from other mums.”
“Don’t bother with a birthing plan, that’s all I’m saying.”
“You’ll have this crazy ability to move lightning fast if you think your Bub is in trouble/needs you.” 
“Lower your expectations. By a lot. Why? Because I know you will want to be the perfect mother and it’s going to be so tiring, so be kinder to yourself. Motherhood will be one of, if not the most meaningful journeys of your life.” 
“I didn’t realise my heart could grow with love more and more each day.”
So, have you learnt anything from these Mama’s?
If you’re a Mum yourself, can you relate to any of these? We sure can!
Just remember that everyone is on their own journey and pregnancy, birth and raising a child is a different experience for everybody. It’s hard, yet so rewarding and just know that there is always help if you need it. 
We’re with you #fromthebeginning.

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