Mama Muse with Natalie Murphy (@nataliexmurphy)

Mama Muse with Natalie Murphy (@nataliexmurphy)

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Do you ever come across an Insta profile that makes you go "okay, this is how I want my feed to look"!? 

That is how we feel about the gorgeous Natalie Murphy (@nataliexmurphy). 

Mama to Shepherd and Rosie, photographer and lover of life! 

We caught up with Natalie to talk about her journey through motherhood and babywearing. Here is what she had to say: 

Natalie and her partner Michael

So, tell us a little bit about your family? 

I’ve been married to my sweetheart for nearly 5 & a half years and we are raising our 3 year old son, Shepherd & 6 month old little girl, Rosie, in sunny south Florida. We love the ocean & spending time together outside 💛

Mama Muse - Natalie Murphy wearing a Chekoh Forest Stretchy Baby Wrap

[Natalie wears the Chekoh Stretchy Baby Wrap in Forest]

How has babywearing helped you? 

Babywearing has been the blessing I didn’t know I needed before becoming a mother. When my babies need some extra comfort and my hands are tied, it is the relief I need. Also it has been such a gift postpartum in helping boost my milk supply and bonding with my baby/babies.

Natalie Murphy and her gorgeous children - wearing a Camel Sling from Chekoh

[Natalie wears the Chekoh Ring Sling in Camel]

When or where is your favourite time to wear your little one? 

My favourite time to wear my baby in a sling or wrap is when I’m tending to my 3 year old. It allows me to be fully present and there for both my children at once while also cuddling my baby.

Natalie and her children with a Ring Sling by Chekoh Baby Carriers

[Natalie wears the Chekoh Ring Sling in Camel]

What has been the highlight of your journey through parenthood so far? 

The highlight of my motherhood journey is absolutely watching my little ones grow, though it’s bittersweet, I always am grateful for the honour it is to see them blossom into beautiful little humans with such vibrant personalities. Being a mother is such a gift!

Thank you for being our Mama Muse this week Natalie

Want to learn more about this new Mama Muse?
Head on over to Natalie's Instagram! 

Instagram: @nataliexmurphy 
Photography: @nataliemurphyphotography

Click to shop Natalie & Rosie's look: 


Are you a Chekoh Mama or Papa who would love to be on the blog? Reach out to us!

We’ll see you for the next Chekoh Mama Muse


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