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Join us on our adventure with one of our favourite nomad mama's @rileys_travels, as she puts us in the passenger seat and explains a bit about what it's like living on the road with a family of 5.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and @rileys_travels?

We are a family of 5 lost in the 60s. I am mama to Riley (6 years), Alba (3 years) and Elsie (7 months). My hubby Lockie and I all live in our kombi Izzie and now Bella our vintage caravan. We have spent the last 3 years high on life travelling Australia. 2023 was the year to send our kombi to NZ and explore my homeland which is what we are doing right now.

@rileys_travels wearing her Nevada Clip Carrier

Your feed is absolutely stunning and reads like a Lonely Planet guide for Kombi living! What have been your top 3 places you've visited so far?

THANK YOU! We really do have a lonely planet. Ahh that’s hard but I can say we would return to Denmark WA in a heartbeat, spend another summer on Bruny Island and watch the surf at Wategos, Byron Bay.

What are the best and most challenging parts of living the slow van life with your family?

We have become so resilient and embrace life; it's something I'm very proud of. The difficulties are space and doctors appointments both very different to the other but have to be what bothers me most.

@rileys_travels wearing her Nevada Clip Carrier

We've heard on the grapevine that you're releasing a cookbook soon - can you tell us a little bit about that process and what inspired you?
Aww thanks for asking, I have goosebumps just thinking about the end of this amazing opportunity. I have always called myself a “feeder”. I get so much joy from cooking and bringing people together around a table or a fire. So it goes I fed many campers, friends and family and realized that maybe this is my passion and to share it. Australia is full of wonderful fresh organic produce. I began exploring more and now it's in the form of a book coming in August.

@rileys_travels wearing her Mocha Clip carrier

Can we have a sneak peek into your favourite meal to cook on the road?

Of course, nothing beats fresh snapper, I love it with coconut habanero — raw fish.

For all the parents wanting to take the leap... do you have any advice for travelling with a family? Any must haves that have made life easier?

Like all adventures they do take some adjusting, I believe if you are ready to live on a whim then go for it. Take a few trial trips to have an idea first. I love my foldable baby bath and a carrier. I cook, explore markets and hike in my Chekoh. It's a godsend and Elsie loves being secure and close.   

@rileys_travels wearing her Nevada Clip Carrier 

What is your top Chekoh pick and how has babywearing helped you?

All 3 of my kids have lived in a Chekoh, they sleep so well being on me or Lockie. We are never restricted and can go anywhere with them because they are easily and comfortably carried. Handsfree with 2 other kiddos -- life keeps moving, making breakfast on the go and doing school work with Elsie tucked in. 

@rileys_travels wearing her Nevada Clip Carrier 

They say home is where the heart is, what makes each destination feel like home to you?

Us, we are home as long as we are together and have our little kombi we feel content.

@rileys_travels partner wearing the Mocha Clip Carrier

What are your top 3 road trip songs?
BEST Question ever!
Jack Botts — Gypsy
LAB — In the Air
Ziggy Alberts — Tattoos
What's next for @rileys_travels and your family?

I think Izzie and Mount Fuji is looking very appealing.

@rileys_travels wearing her Nevada Clip Carrier

You can follow along on all of Riley and her families adventures by following her Instagram or get cooking with some of her culinary skills by looking out for her upcoming cookbook - stay tuned!

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