10 Great Ideas for Mum on Mother's Day

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Don't end up stuck for ideas this Mother's Day. Whether you need something last minute or you're planning months ahead, if you need something cheap or you're fortunate enough to be able to spoil her, we've compiled all the Best Mother's Day gift and activity ideas right here.

1. Cook Her Favourite Meal

It's no secret the fastest way to her heart is through her stomach, so brush up on your culinary skills and cook her a meal that's sentimental. Whether it was her claim to fame at every family BBQ or it was the easy go to meal throughout your childhood. Cook your Mum that nostalgic meal to fill her stomach and her heart.

Pros: Last minute, Cheap, No travel

Mother's Day Idea: Cook her favourite meal

Nevada Clip Carrier pictured above

2. DIY something sentimental 

When it comes to Mum's it really is the effort that counts, get crafty with it and DIY something she can cherish. 

- DIY Gift Box
- DIY Mother's Day Card
- DIY Flower Chocolate Bouquet
- DIY Photo memory album

Pros: Last minute, Cheap, No travel 

3. Plan a Family Brunch

If it's been a while since you've visited your Mum or if it's been a long time since she's even had visitors, plan a family brunch. Get the children together (and grandchildren if it applies) and take her out to a cafe or have a nice little meal at home. It doesn't matter where it is, it's about who's there to make her feel special. 

Mother's Day Brunch with Family

Denim Clip Carrier pictured above

4. Take a Class together

Whether It's Cooking, Dancing, Pottery or Painting. With plenty of online tutorials you can stay home or take a look around your local area for fun classes, and try learning something together this Mother's Day.

Pros: Last minute

Mother's Day Idea: take a class together

4. Make Mum feel appreciated with a Day Off (or a half)

This one goes out to all of our ladies with young children and busy households. Let mum kick her feet up for the day (or just the morning) and take the kids out for a while. Make sure she's set up at home with her favourite movie, yummy snacks and face mask. Trust me when I say she will more then appreciate a little solitude, whether it's a whole day or just the morning we know she deserves a little time alone.

Pros: Cheap, Last minute

Dad taking kids out for Mother's Day Nevada Swaddle pictured above

5. Family photoshoot

If there's one thing Mum's love more then cherishing memories with family, it's the photos to go with them. Get your tripod out, a simple sheet backdrop (it really doesn't take much) and get the kids dressed up, for the perfect wholesome family momento this Mother's Day.

Pros: Last minute, Cheap, No travel

Cute DIY Mother's Day backyard photoshoot

6. Plan a Staycation

Get on the web and research some cute places you can stay whether it's in the town over or a road trip away. Plan Mum a relaxing or fun filled Staycation this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Staycation

Mocha Clip Carrier pictured above

7. Bake together

Warm the house and the heart with some cute patisserie treats, imagine the smell of warm cinnamon and sugar filling the air, a fun, wholesome and quiet little activity you can spend doing with Mum this Mother's Day. Just don't forget YOU'RE on clean up duties afterwards.

Pros: Last minute, Cheap, No travel 

Bake with Mum for Mother's Day

Ochre Wrap Carrier pictured above

8. Take Mum on a Shopping Spree

Let's not get started on the amount of times your Mum's probably gone shopping for you, whether it was toys, clothes or groceries, she's been there and done that. Try returning the favour with a little retail therapy and hit the shopping centre or markets for her dream spree this Mother's Day.

Pros: Last minute

Take Mum shopping for Mother's Day 

Asha Wrap Carrier pictured above

9. Take her on a Scenic Drive

Play chaperone for the day and take her on a scenic drive. Get all her favourite snacks and tunes ready for a chill drive to spend the day sightseeing nearby attractions, towns or landscapes, and if you want to be a little extra stop somewhere nice along the way for a cute picnic and some pictures to save the memory.

Pros: Last minute, Cheap

 Take Mum on a scenic drive for Mother's Day

Nevada Clip Carrier & Swaddle pictured above

10. Pamper Day

The ultimate spa day (or whatever you can afford, we assure you she'll appreciate it either way) no Mum's going to say "No" to a day of being treated like the queen she is. Nails, hair appointment, spa day, massage, facial, wax or laser hair removal. Whether it's a DIY home treatment or you send her off with some vouchers, she's sure to appreciate this gift and come back home distressed, relaxed and happy to be home.

Pros: Last minute

If you think our blog helped you with ideas and inspiration for this Mother's Day, tell us in the comments below how you spoiled your Mum

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