Mama Muse with @mrstiffanyclaire

Mama Muse with @mrstiffanyclaire

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Introducing our Mama Muse of the week - Tiffany of @mrstiffanyclaire. A lifestyle enthusiast, photographer, instagram influencer, home stylist and busy mum of 3, it's easy to see why we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get to know her a little more! 

So, tell us a little bit about yourself and your gorgeous family?

I’m a wife and stay at home mum to my three gorgeous children; Mason (4), Marley (2) & Murphy who was born earlier this year. We live near the coast in Sydney, Australia and love to spend our weekends at the beach.


Mum sitting on beach with family


We saw that you were recently living your Euro Summer dream! How was your trip and how did you find travelling with your 3 little ones in tow?

It was as fantastic as it was chaotic! It was soooo good to get out of the cold weather. We decided to do this trip back when I was pregnant with Murphy & wanted to do it before he was crawling so we would only have to chase after two, not 3 kids! Traveling is something we’ve done a lot of both before & after kids so not being allowed to travel for a few years during the pandemic was strange for us. When borders started opening back up we were itching to do a big trip - you don’t know what may be coming just around the corner so get out and do it when you can, right? We did have the grandparents with us which helped tremendously particularly through airports now we are outnumbered.

I would absolutely recommend it to anyone considering it. Sure, you can think of it as just parenting in a different location but you’re also making amazing memories. Your children may not necessarily remember it when they’re older but you absolutely will and seeing the joy they experience from seeing new things and being around family with no other distractions is so worth it.



Your photos are always so stunning, how did you get into creating for Instagram?

Thank you! It’s one of those things that just happened. Growing up my dad was an avid photographer. He had a darkroom and our house was filled with rooms upon rooms, boxes upon boxes of photographs and video tapes of us 5 children. So photography was a big part of my childhood! I always had the latest camera and enjoyed photography from a very young age. This has carried on into adulthood and combined with my love of shopping with small business + styling my home, tagging brands in images I shared was how I got “noticed” and the rest is history!


Image of Tiffany in Camel Clip Baby Carrier

What are your content creation must haves and what are you shooting on these days?

I shoot on a Canon R6 and love my Canon L-Series lenses - I’ve got quite a collection 🙊 but the two that are on my camera most are my RF 50mm 1.2 which is beautiful for portraits & RF 24-70mm 2.8 which is great for wide angle interior & product shots.

My is an absolute must for videography (no shaky videos, thanks) and a good quality tripod I couldn’t do without either. Oh and don’t forget natural light - always!
For our Euro Trip I did purchase a Fujifilm XT-5 as I wanted something a little smaller to carry everywhere with me as my R6 kit was going to be too bulky & expensive to throw around. It did the job as it meant I always had a camera by my side although I am so glad to be home shooting on my Canon again!



For any of our Chekoh Mama's out there who want to get into content creating and UGC work, do you have any advice?

Work on your own unique style, don’t copy others. A business will choose you specifically because you are unique in some way. Practice! Keep your camera somewhere easily accessible and shoot something everyday. Start sharing and tagging products/brands you genuinely love. Always stay true to yourself and don’t say yes to every partnership just for the sake of it- really think whether it’s something you would genuinely use and if the answer is no, don’t promote it.


Flat lay image of Tiffany's UGC work for Chekoh Baby

As a super busy mum to 3, how do you juggle your workload and do you have any tips?

I am very picky and take on very little! My children are my priority and I absolutely love being a stay at home mum, however, I feel it’s important to keep up a hobby as to not lose my identity in this season of raising babies. The majority of the week I’ve got all 3 kids with me - only my eldest is at preschool (3 days per week) so a lot of my creating is done on the days he is at preschool and at the times the other two are napping. I love a solid routine so I know my capacity for work and if I feel like I’m hitting capacity or if it’s starting to impact my ability to spend time with the kids, I will turn down jobs until I have capacity again. If the kids need to be involved, I make sure the scene is set up before bringing them in and capture them while they play. When the fun stops, the shooting stops.



What are your top 3 new Mama must haves?

A baby carrier! Like the Chekoh Clip that can be worn from birth. You’ll get so many extra cuddles, have a more content baby and be able to get stuff done! 3rd baby & I finally gave in and purchased the Baby Bjorn bouncer! Murphy loves it because he can bounce himself in it. I also added the play bar which he loves to play with too.
A meal delivery service. I didn’t do this with my first but have kept up a stash of healthy freezer meals since my 2nd and it really helps take the pressure off if it has been a big day or I didn’t get out to do the groceries.


Tiffany in her Camel Clip Baby Carrier

And what are 3 things on your wishlist right now?

I told my husband years back I wanted a Chanel 2.55 in white for my 30th, however my bday is next month & they aren’t running that colour currently so I think I’ll be waiting a while longer! I won’t let him forget the IOU though - hehe.

It was so wonderful having time away as a family with no distractions, so another trip away, soon!

A pampering at a dayspa! Which I actually have booked in for next month, looking forward to some time to myself.

What's next for you and your family?

Ooh no big plans that I can think of. But we both agree we would love to have a baby #4…


Tiffany in her Camel clip Baby Carrier


Don't forget to check out @mrstiffanyclaire on Instagram to see more of her stunning pics and for a little lifestyle inspo too!

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