All of Your Breastfeeding Questions Answered!

All of Your Breastfeeding Questions Answered!

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As promised, we are joined by Julia Daly, a lactation consultant from More Than Milk to answer all of your breastfeeding, milk supply and bonding questions.

Julia Daly of More Than Milk NZ

Julia is a busy mum of 3, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Paediatric Registered Nurse with over 17 years experience working with babies and children. So needless to say, she knows her stuff!

If you'd like some invaluable insights into this beautiful and natural journey, keep on reading.

My baby is having trouble latching, do you have any tips?
For a baby thats struggling to latch, I would definitely recommend seeing a lactation consultant. They will be able to have a look in baby's mouth and see if there is anything anatomical like a tongue tie causing latching issues and will also be able to get your baby back on to the breast. Some of the tools we will use in getting a really good latch include the use of a nipple shield if your baby won't latch at all but that is definitely a tool you will want to use in conjunction with a lactation consultant.

More than milk in home lactation consult

I'm in pain! How do I get through the cracked nipples and discomfort when breastfeeding? 

In terms of pain and discomfort with breastfeeding, nipple tenderness is common for the first 7-10 days and this does peak around day 3-6, so that is within the realms of normal. If you're finding that you have pain that extends beyond 14 days, I would highly recommend seeing a lactation consultant.

Do I need to eat or avoid anything in particular to boost my milk supply? 

Unlike pregnancy, the good news is that when you're breastfeeding you can basically eat whatever you like! There are some baby's that will have sensitivities and that might be a cows milk protein allergy or something like that. The majority of baby's will tolerate a full and normal diet and you certainly don't need to be culling anything out of that.

Are there signs my baby isn't getting enough breast milk?

The best way to tell if your baby is getting enough milk, is that they're gaining weight and that their output is good. If you're exclusively breastfeeding, that is a pretty good indicator that your baby is getting enough milk. We do have a really good article on our website that I will link here for you, around some other ways to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. 

Read more here: "Is your baby getting enough milk?"

Need breastfeeding help?
What is the most common question you get asked as a lactation consultant?

One of the most common questions I get as a lactation consultant is "how can I ensure that I can have a successful breastfeeding journey?" So the two things I would suggest are making sure your baby is having lots of skin to skin when they're first born and you get that breastfeed in within the first hour of birth. We also have an online breastfeeding program, so being prepared for breastfeeding is another really good way to ensure that your journey is successful.

Breastfeeding can be hard, it is natural but it doesn't always come easily and the biggest piece of advice that I could give to anyone who is struggling or anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or anxious about breastfeeding is to seek help. Don't leave it too late and get help in those early days because often it is a fairly quick fix for us and getting support is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

You can contact me on Instagram or via email, we do in-home consultation in Christchurch in New Zealand. Alternatively I do work with mums all over the world and can tailor an individual breastfeeding plan to suit your needs and your baby's.


A huge thank you to Julia from More Than Milk NZ for answering our breastfeeding questions - if you have more of your own, reach out to her on the links below! 
Instagram: @morethanmilknz


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