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Meet Chung, Melbourne Mama of two 🤍

Boasting over 17k followers on Instagram, Chung's daily adventures with her Babes are a crowd favourite and we can see why! (Hint: they are honestly TOO CUTE)

We caught up with Chung to discuss all things parenthood and babywearing, here is what she had to say:

@zo.and.sunny family playtime with big bubbles

So, tell us a little bit about your family? 

I met my husband 12 years ago and our children Zo (3 years) and Sunny (9 weeks) are our entire world. We live in Melbourne and I'm currently on maternity leave.

Chung from @zo.and.sunny instagram wearing the Chekoh Baby newborn wrap

How has babywearing helped you?

Sunny has been a very gassy and refluxy baby since birth which makes most days challenging with a toddler in tow. Wearing him has allowed me to spend quality time with Zo as we adjust to the life of a family of four. He also settles and sleeps very well in the Wrap

When or where is your favourite time to wear your little one? 

Restaurants, mall, parks, zoo, at home, he loves being close to me and it frees up my hands to do things. Aside from feeding and tummy time, he spends most of the day in the Wrap which I love as I get to kiss and smell him (weird, but don't we all).

Cute sibling moment shared with @zo.and.sunny Zo and Sunny "I'm here, I'm your sister."

What has been the highlight of your journey through parenthood so far? 

I will never forget the first day Zo met Sunny. She asked to hold him and said to him "I'm here, I'm your sister."

Thank you for being our Mama Muse this week Chung!

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