Happy International Women's Day with Team Chekoh!

Happy International Women's Day with Team Chekoh!

Posted by Jessica Friend on

As a female founded and run business, we are proud to acknowledge and celebrate our efforts and determination everyday here at Chekoh.

This encourages us all, not just today - but every day, to take responsibility for breaking down gender bias, stereotypes and discrimination through our thoughts and actions.

Here at Chekoh, we chat this year's International Women's Day theme:

What does #BreaktheBias mean to you?  

Krystal Tupi - Chekoh Founder and Babywearing Educator

Krystal - Owner/Founder of Chekoh 

I guess I've never 'consciously' made decisions or chose directions in life to 'change the bias', for me it's just my own drive and independence (and add a big cup of stubbornness) that has helped me along my journey so far. Surrounding myself with amazingly talented women has also helped during those days of doubt or whenever I've needed a little reassurance in both my business and personal life.

April - Marketing and Content Creator at Chekoh Baby Carriers

April - Marketing/Content Coordinator 

It is in my mindset daily... treating people equally. Having drive to want to do better in all areas of my life, showing up to my babies and career every day (no matter the amount of sleep the night before) and educating my babes that anything in this world is possible/achievable through being our true selves.

We can be all the things!



Jess - Marketing/E-Commerce Assistant 

I have never let being a woman stop me from doing the things I want to in life. I will fix the mower, I will travel solo and this has all been possible with the support of the super independent and strong women in my life.


So here's to you and all the amazing women in your life! 

What does breaking the bias mean to you? 

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