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There is no question, that we as humans are causing irrevocable harm to our planet. With World Environment Day this coming Monday the 5th of June, it's the ideal time of year for reflection and implementing change; within your community, within your family and within yourself as an individual. Having recently seen the movie Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence, where they set forth in a spaceship, destined for a new planet - whilst in a state of induced hibernation for hundreds of years - it made me wonder just how much of the seemingly far-fetched fantasy notion is actually a glimpse into what the future holds for us, should we continue to pollute our world. 

Depressing, I know, but them's the breaks. So what do we do? - what can we do - to slow down the demise of our world? While the political world tries to catch up by toying around with carbon tax/carbon offset and solar power incentives, there's much to be done on the individual, local level. Whether big or small, every single step toward minimising our impact, helps us to preserve it for the future; for our children and for our children's children.


Chekoh understands that companies like us, who manufacture thousands of products annually, must be aware, responsible and conscious of the impact our production has on our environment. In doing so, we have always endeavoured to use eco-friendly constituents in our products. From our soft, 96% bamboo wraps and our bamboo/linen slings (62%/38%), to our vegan leather branding patches. 

  • We understand that sweet baby's skin is super sensitive and susceptible to the elements of mother nature  - whether heat, wind or sunshine - so we have made our wraps breathable, moisture-wicking and protective to those powerful UV rays.
  • We entrust a small family business to hand-dye and hand-make each product from start to finish, encompassing the cutting, hand-dying, screen printing and sewing to produce the final manufactured product. 
  • Our dummy clips are of the highest food-grade, non-toxic silicone and are BPA/PVC/latex/phthalate/lead and cadmium free.  
  • We endeavour to incorporate pieces of gently pre-loved and pre-owned garments for styling our photo shoots, to repurpose and reinvent each garment and add to it's fashion story.


What can be done, amidst the whirlwind of motherhood, to actively contribute to the betterment of nature? Let's start with the basics. Get outside! Leave the car at home, chuck on your Chekoh and take the kids for a stroll. Play eye-spy, count the different bird calls or pick up the pace for a bit of exercise, every trip made on foot reduces the carbon emissions from your exhaust. 


When you compare 'playtime' of today to that of the past, we are spoilt for choice. There are a plethora of toys, gadgets and equipment optimised for children. There are also lush gardens, breathtaking bush-walks and beaches to immerse ourselves in, and enjoy. Trees, sandy shores and flowing creeks induce wonder while providing the family with fresh air and much needed Vitamin D. 


Whether unwanted, outgrown or too frou-frou, there will likely be an inundation of clothes for your baby. Make a decision to mostly use hand-me-downs, op-shop finds or if you're really crafty, re-purposed fabric, cut and sewn into cute rompers and onesies for your minis. Get your Maria Von Trapp on, take those curtains down and get your sewing machine out! 

Aside from these very obvious and simple things, there are many more large-scale, dedicated ways you can get involved, should you feel so inclined. To learn more about World Environment Day, head to the website here, or search the hashtag, #worldenvironmentday! 











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