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Have you ever seen our Chekoh product range shoots, featuring real mamas babywearing their littles in our latest carriers and thought, "If only I were a fly on the wall, I would love to see what goes on behind the camera"...well, today is your lucky day!

Monday the 5th of June, myself, Krystal and Marisa set out to our location: the lush, green (and so aptly named) neighbourhood of Ferny Grove.  The team first assembled at HQ, equipment was checked and styling garments transferred to the car. We made a pit-stop for the very essential caffeine fix, after I got us lost trying to find a cafe we settled on Wild Bean and pastry goods at a local servo. 

The conversation on the way went something like this: 

Marisa: 'Nikki, are you still on a diet?'

Nikki: 'yep. But I had bacon yesterday, so...'


Nikki: (anguished voice) 'It's hard you guys!!!' 

Krystal: *extreme high voltage laughter* 

They then laughed at my lack of options for a snack at the local servo, good-naturedly teasing me about my large stash of green apples to see me through the day. But I digress...


Upon arriving at the house of our lovely model, one Romy Drew (check out her adorable children's range Winters Arrow, we couldn't leave without a quick purchase on our smart word. AFTERPAY. Gets Rissa, every time), we were greeted by her very excited, very cute daughter Winter, the namesake of her brand. At age 3, Winter is a tall, auburn-haired beauty with a beaming smile and effervescent personality. She was very keen to show us around her home, make us a cup of tea with her tea set and show us her strawberries. 

Following Winter, we met the lovely Romy. With little four month old Vander on her hip, the stylishly dressed Romy (in her girlfriend's brand Chasing Rivers), warmly invited us into her home. Set atop a quiet cul-de-sac, at the foot of a lush green hill, the two story house is impeccably styled, with black-trimmed walls and neutral, balanced furniture and wares that make you feel at home while also leaving you envious of the lack of multicoloured, exploded-rainbow-style toys adorning every corner of your own child's playroom (mental note: must stop partner from buying unnecessary toddler bribery toys at Kmart).

We are armed with buckets of props and styling pieces, bags of cameras and coffee and quickly turn the very neat, put-together home into a scene of styling carnage. After going ga-ga over baby Vander (I steal the first cuddle, of course), we eventually get around to choosing outfits and locales for our three AW17 wraps. Vander has a quiet, content nurse while I keenly and politely interrogate Romy about her birth stories (I'm obsessed).


First off the mark to shoot, is our dreamy, rich-toned Fawn. Paired with a vintage, beige button-through dress, we head into Romy's delightfully sunlight-drenched bedroom where she effortlessly and without prompting, provides perfect shots for Marisa. Not to miss the fun, Winter - after a Snapchat selfie fest with Rissa in her gorgeous bedroom and clad in a dusty pink tutu - joins in on the fun. Mama is well skilled at negotiation tactics with her three year old, and I feverishly take mental notes to apply to my own two year old, Poppy. I manage to catch an incredibly cute boomerang of Winter springing onto the bed, which she giggles at while being prompted to kiss her baby brother on the head. Delighted that she is being encouraged to jump on the bed - with mama singing 'Five little monkeys' - Winter wholeheartedly gives us many laughs and even more beautiful shots. 


Second up is our gorgeous CLAY wrap. Effortlessly worn over the gorgeous (and breastfeeding friendly) floral Roolee dress, this wrap pairs back with virtually any colour. Complementing Romy's gorgeous skin tone, this wrap is styled - to Winter's excitement - in her very own bedroom. Winter, seeing the opportunity and need for assisting with styling, pushes her wicker rocking chair determinedly up the long hallway to her bedroom. Many sweet moments are captured, with Krystal making necessary style adjustments and me crawling around moving bits and pieces on the floor.



The long-awaited, much anticipated print is here. Welcome, Remy to the AW17 Chekoh Collection. Remy's print was created by Sharnee Thorpe, the very talented artist behind our Kora wrap. The rich, earthy texture of the print in a navy and burnt orange colourway incorporates the deep warmth of Clay and Fawn, and draws on the deep blues of winter. 


Paired back with a flowy white shirt and mid-blue denim jeans, this beauty is a showstopper. The little pops of white and muted orange render this piece a styling dream. The wintery palette of warmth and depth encourage the mixing and matching with greens, blues, beiges, whites and deep, autumn-leaf colours ranging from the ochre of the Earth to the burnt sienna red of the falling leaves. 

For the brave, pair it back with mustards and aubergines for a dreamy contrasted clash. Whatever your style, the Remy is sure to become a staple piece of your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.


While Romy and Vander provided endless shots, laughs and cuddles (I stole them whenever I could), the very excitable, energetic Winter deserves another mention. She engaged her mama in a hilarious biscuit negotiation show-down, whilst skipping, jumping and singing in a beautiful whirlwind around us all. She handles sisterhood with an aplomb and energy I am lovingly envious of, stepping into the 'big sister' role as mama's little helper. She showed us her babies, one called 'Abcd' and another, 'Coco' whom she chose to wear, just like mama, while a sleepy Vander was having a soothing, nurturing nurse at mama's breast. 

Marisa, the ever-loving child magnet, engaged Winter wholeheartedly in her simulated tea party, discussing play-dough toast and strawberries, while Winter adorned herself in the Mini Chekoh to soothe her own baby, Coco. 

It was another successful product shoot for Chekoh, and we couldn't be more grateful for the beautiful families who open their homes and their hearts, to the Chekoh girls. Thank you, so much to Romy, Winter and Vander for allowing us a very intimate and special glimpse into your lives.



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