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Please ensure you read and agree to our T&Cs below.

Some points to remember:

  • If purchasing in stock pieces please enter discount code (sent to you via Email separately) at the checkout for 51% OFF our RRP - Please do not order any stock at SALE Prices - these orders will be automatically cancelled
  • Min Order Quantity of 10 Carriers (Slings/Wraps)
  • PreProduction Orders can be taken for larger quantities - we will contact you direct if there is any issue with your order and discuss further or feel free to contact us direct for any questions. 
  • Please see all IMAGES available via the drive file HERE if you have any troubles please contact us via email: info@chekoh.com 


These wholesale terms and conditions (Wholesale Terms and Conditions) apply to every contract of sale between Chekoh PTY LTD [ACN 607 000 313] (CHEKOH) and a retailer approved by Chekoh to resell its products through its retail outlet (Approved Retailer). Chekoh is a babywear brand selling its own label brand carriers, swaddles and maternity dresses in Australia and Internationally through its own website chekoh.com (Website) and through approved retail outlets within Australia and Internationally. By requesting Chekoh supply products to an Approved Retailer, the Approved Retailer acknowledges and agrees (or is deemed to acknowledge and agree) to these Wholesale Terms and Conditions and any other terms, conditions and policies published by Chekoh on its website from time to time, which the Approved Retailer may be subject to as a user of Chekoh's. No other terms, agreements or contracts whatsoever govern the relationship between Chekoh and an Approved Retailer, for example agreements or contracts with sale representatives or agents of either the Approved Retailer or Chekoh. All amounts expressed in this agreement are in Australian dollars. Any questions regarding these Wholesale Terms and Conditions should be directed to Chekoh
Chekoh sells only to Approved Retailers for resale through their respective approved retail outlets. Approval is required from Chekoh for each individual outlet operated by a retailer, whether bricks and mortar or an online store. Applications for approval should be made in the name of the individual retail outlet, even if a retailer operates multiple retail outlets. If you are approved, you will be viewing this LookBook and also emailed an invitation to Pre Production ordering. Chekoh may decide, in its own absolute discretion, whether to approve or not to approve, an applicant. Chekoh may decide to grant an approval subject to conditions in which case the approval will only become effective if the applicant agrees to all conditions in writing. Chekoh does not permit the sale of its products via Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree, TradeMe or their equivalent. Approved Retailers may promote, advertise and list Chekoh products through Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets. Under no circumstances will Chekoh process new orders or ship existing orders for any existing Approved Retailer who has an outstanding account.
A contract of sale exists between Chekoh and an Approved Retailer, for the supply of products only once Chekoh has accepted the order and the Approved Retailer has paid Chekoh for the entire order.
For any Pre Production Orders - Once an order has been placed Chekoh will send the Approved Retailer an email notifying them that Chekoh has accepted its order and will issue an invoice to the Approved Retailer for the order deposit. The email will include a copy of the Approved Retailer’s order which either confirms the order or notifies the Approved Retailer of any changes which have been applied.
By placing an online order with Chekoh the Approved Retailer agrees to accept and be bound by Chekoh’s policies detailed on its Website and contained in the Wholesale Terms and Conditions current at the time of placing the order. Chekoh does not accept credit accounts in any circumstances. NEW ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, AND STOCK WILL NOT BE RESERVED FOR ANY CURRENT APPROVED RETAILERS WITH OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTS OR WHO OWE MONIES TO Chekoh. ALL OUTSTANDING PREVIOUS ACCOUNTS MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE A NEW ORDER WILL BE ACCEPTED AND PROCESSED BY Chekoh.
Orders that are submitted after the designated timeframe will only be approved at Chekoh's absolute discretion. Orders that do not comply with the minimum quantity requirements or do not comply for any other reason will only be accepted at Chekoh's discretion. Chekoh is not obliged to accept any order, whether it complies with minimum ordering requirements or not. International Approved Retailers are not required to pay GST on the product price. However all Approved Retailers are responsible for delivery charges and any GST applicable on this (service charge).
International Approved Retailers are able to use their own shipping account to book shipments once they are ready to be shipped, please contact Chekoh direct via email to arrange this.
Please place your order online, please ensure you have signed in to your Wholesale Account (any issues please contact wholeslae@chekoh.com via email). Ensure you use the correct discount code at the check out. If we are unable to fulfil your order we will contact you within 48hrs to discuss and refund any charges.
Pre Production Orders (Large Quantities Request) : Chekoh has committed to paying its manufacturers for products prior to shipment of the goods to Chekoh from the manufacturer. To create and maintain a seamless production timeline Chekoh requires the Approved Retailer to adhere strictly to its payment terms and conditions set out in this section, each of which is an ESSENTIAL TERM of the contract between the Approved Retailer and Chekoh. All new Approved Retailers are required to pay a 50% deposit on the full purchase price of the products ordered when placing their order. The Approved Retailer has the option to pay via credit card (Visa or MasterCard), Paypal or bank transfer. Bank transfer is most prefereabel and if selected Chekoh will not process the order until cleared funds are available in Chekoh's bank account. If Paypal or Stripe (Credit Card) is used, the Approved Retailer must pay an additional amount of 2.6% off the total the time of payment to cover Paypal transaction fees. Once stock has arrived at Chekoh's warehouse or we have been notified of an impending shipment within 5 days, Chekoh will contact the Approved Retailer and issue an invoice for the remaining balance of the payment price of the products. Chekoh WILL NOT SHIP AN ORDER UNTIL THE INVOICE FOR THE REMAINING BALANCE OF THE PAYMENT PRICE IS PAID IN FULL. The Approved Retailer has the option to pay via credit card (Visa or MasterCard), Paypal or bank transfer. If bank transfer is selected Chekoh will not process the order until cleared funds are available in Chekoh's bank account. If Paypal or Stripe (Credit Card) is used, the Approved Retailer must pay an additional increase of 2.6% of the total at the time of payment to cover transaction fees.
Chekoh endeavours to deliver products ordered by Approved Retailers as fast as possible however Approved Retailers should allow 3-5 days at a minimum, for orders to be picked, packed and prepared for dispatch after payment of the outstanding balance owed by the Approved Retailer is received by Chekoh. Chekoh will then notify the Approved Retailer of the delivery tracking details and also issue an invoice for the shipping costs within 24hrs of dispatch (Pre Production orders only), to be paid within 7 days of dispatch. Chekoh picks, packs and prepares all orders on a first paid first shipped basis. Chekoh shall retain and set aside products ordered by an Approved Retailer for 10 days only after the Approved Retailer has been notified that their stock is ready to ship. If an Approved Retailer fails to pay the outstanding balance of their order Chekoh may in its absolute discretion, retain all or any part of the deposit paid by the Approved Retailer and may retain all or any part of the products ordered. In this situation, Chekoh may terminate its approval for Wholesale.
Each season release Chekoh shall provide product and limited campaign images to the Approved Retailer. These images will be sent via Google Drive account (please see link above) with access to approved retailers only. Chekoh's images, photographs, logos and all other material created by 
Chekoh are the subject of copyright. They must not be used, reproduced or disseminated without the prior express approval of Chekoh and then only in accordance with the terms of such approval. Unless Chekoh specifies otherwise, an approval remains current for the season in which they are issued. All photos posted on the Chekoh Instagram account may be screenshot and reposted by the Approved Retailer on the condition that Chekoh is tagged in the photo and specifically mentioned in the comment. Where a photo is provided by an Approved Retailer via their Instagram page, all effort must be made to credit the original photographer also.
Chekoh will usually issue recommended retail prices for its products. These are recommendations only and there is no obligation upon an Approved Retailer to comply with the recommendations. The prices at which an Approved Retailer sells, offers for sale or advertises Chekoh products is entirely a matter for the Approved Retailer.
A Pre Production order placed by an Approved Retailer is binding on the Approved Retailer once it is accepted by Chekoh in writing and the deposit is paid by the Approved Retailer. An Approved Retailer may change or cancel an order no later than 7 days after the date of placing the order. The Approved Retailer must notify Chekoh in writing of its intention to change or cancel its order. If an approved order is canceled within this time period, Chekoh will return the Approved Retailer’s deposit in full within 7 days. 
If an order is changed to reduce the number of products, Chekoh will not adjust the deposit already received, however the remaining balance due will be decreased accordingly. If an Approved Retailer wishes to change an order after the time specified, Chekoh may in its absolute discretion, charge the Approved Retailer a fee of 10% of the order value (excluding GST), to cover Chekoh's administration costs. This fee will be added to the outstanding balance to be invoiced and payable by the Approved Retailer at the time of shipment and delivery of the order. If an Approved Retailer wishes to cancel an order after the time specified above, Chekoh may in its absolute discretion, retain all or any part of the deposit paid by the Approved Retailer. Chekoh may in its absolute discretion, decide to cease wholesaling all or part of its product range at any time, without cause and without having to provide any reason. In such circumstances, an Approved Retailer’s order shall be deemed to be canceled when Chekoh notifies an Approved Retailer in writing. Any deposit paid to Chekoh will be returned to the Approved Retailer. In addition to any additional rights Chekoh may have at law, Chekoh is not obliged to supply goods in relation to any contract of sale and may cancel any contract at any time if: an Approved Retailer is in breach of any term of these Wholesale Terms and Conditions; an Approved Retailer has provided any false or misleading information to Chekoh, including information contained in correspondence; being an individual, the Approved Retailer is made bankrupt; and/or being a company, the Approved Retailer is placed in liquidation or receivership, and Chekoh may in its absolute discretion, retain all or any part of the deposit paid by the Approved Retailer; Chekoh ceases wholesaling all or part of its product range.
For orders within Australia: unless otherwise agreed in writing, Chekoh shall arrange delivery of the Goods to the Approved Retailer and the Approved Retailer will be responsible for the costs associated with delivery. While the delivery service utilised by Chekoh may include insurance for the Goods during transit, Chekoh makes no representations and gives no warranties in respect to such insurance and the Approved Retailer will be responsible for obtaining any specific insurance that may be required in respect of the Goods during transit. Risk in respect of the Goods shall pass to you when the Goods are delivered to the carrier. For international orders: the purchase price for the products shall be Ex GST and unless otherwise agreed in writing the Approved Retailer shall be responsible for the cost of and in certain circumstances for arranging transportation of the Goods from the premises of Chekoh or other named place of delivery. Risk in respect of the Goods shall pass to the Approved Retailer when the Goods are made available at the place of delivery. The Approved Retailer is responsible for obtaining insurance in respect to the Goods from the time they are made available at the place of delivery. All export and import documentation, licences, duties, taxes or other obligations or costs relating to the delivery of International orders shall be the responsibility of the Approved Retailer. Chekoh uses its best endeavours to supply the entirety of an order in one shipment. Occasionally there will be unforeseen manufacturing delays with certain styles or items, in which case Chekoh reserves the right to deliver orders to Approved Retailers in multiple shipments. The Approved Retailer remains responsible for delivery

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