Carry Your Chekoh

Babywearing Family

This is me and my tribe of loves; my family, my man, and babywearing.
I started this label back in 2013, just after the birth of my second son. I'd worn my first baby boy in a handmade sling I bought online, as I could never find a look I loved. I knew after just a few wears that I needed to make this amazing experience both fashionable, functional and accessible for modern mums. Mamas like me, who like something a little different; something stylish and safe. I hand made a range of slings for friends, family, friends of family and then... everyone else! This little label grew… it seemed everyone wanted to cuddle their baby close! Things were placed on pause for the arrival of my third baby but the vision and passion didn't cease, and when we kicked off again, we did it big (well, not that big… but at the time, oh my, it was a giant step).
We have no regrets and are enjoying this wild, amazing ride.
Thank you for following us, supporting us and of course most importantly, wearing your babes
Krystal x