For The Better

We started with a purpose, we grow with a passion and we are progressing for the future. A better future, because it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

This year has seen a change for the better, from our new manufacturing partnerships, our product improvements and innovations, a greener work space and our ‘next level’ customer support that truly cannot be rivalled.  

We are continuously progressing for the better, for everyone, for our families, our customers and our environment.

Plastic Free

We made the change to plastic free packaging, and boy does it feel great! Our carriers come packaged in Biologic bags, made with eco friendly and biodegradable corn starch. Our shipping satchels also follow suit.

Reusable Pouches

Our super soft vegan leather pouch, it says it all really. No animals were harmed in the making of our pouches, just waterproof and cruelty free PU for a butter soft feel and designed for you to keep and repurpose, we’re saying no to single use packaging.

Recycled Cardboard

When something small is still so mighty. We chose a greener alternative for our Mini Wrap info cards and Joureny Dress swing tags and made these items with recycled paper cardboad.


Sustainable Fibres & Fabrics

Not only is natural beautiful but it’s also better. We use high-quality, sustainable materials to lower the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and have incorporated the sustainably produced, plant-based cellulose fibres - Bamboo and Linen into our all our products, from our carriers to swaddles to our Journey Dress. When you’re on a good thing, stick with it.

Our Partners

A step towards more sustainable production is transparency and accountability throughout both our supply chain and manufacture. This is why we recently travelled to India to view first hand the facilities and production of our products. From the knitting mills in Tamil Nadu to our team in Coimbatore, meeting the people and the places where our product is born was paramount in assessing our processes and performance. Our factory has also been ethically audited by SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) which is one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world.


We believe all inputs and outputs in the production of our products have the opportunity to be reused or recycled, so with this in mind we have found ways to keep any excess fabrics and repurpose this into products such as our new Swaddles and Mini Wrap carriers. Fabric that would otherwise be wasted and placed into refuse, but are now revamped and reused with a purpose.

Innovative Designs

Journey Dress

We launched our innovative maternity dress design in 2018, a multipurpose dress for Bump, Birth, Breastfeeding and beyond. We didn’t design this piece based on trends, we designed with a purpose (well many actually). Made with sustainable fabrics and in limited release with love.

New Labels

Our new improved heat transfer stretch labels have been developed and implemented on all our Wrap carriers. Designed to eliminate the issue of any rips, tears or holes from our previous ‘sewn in’ pu marker labels, and with such we’ve increased the longevity and wear of our Wraps, and decreased the consumable parts applied to our products.

Re-New & Re-Use

Buy, Sell & Trade in Pre Loved

We offer and support a community of Chekoh lovers via our Chekoh Chatter FaceBook Group. Here we encourage and promote members to purchase pre loved pieces from our customers who wish to ‘pass it on’ and in turn recycle our product and keep them out of landfill that much longer and also not add any more to it by buying more new items.

Classic colours and Prints

Our products are designed to be passed down to siblings and friends for years to come so we ensure our colours and prints are simple and neutral to take you through the seasons and across the years.

You not only support Chekoh, a small family owned and run business, but WE support real people, real lives, real families.

Meet Kumar

Kumar is our partner in Coimbatore, he oversees the work from many factories and clients in the textile industry. He’s a relatively ‘young gun’ in the business, first working in production before a change of career over the last few years has seen him grow and blossom in his new agent role. When we first met Kumar we spent the day not only talking about our products and touring facilities, but sharing stories of our young families and swapping photos of our cheeky children. A proud new father and determined young businessman.

What Goes Into Making Your Chekoh?

Design & Development

We're we we begin and how we evolve. From developing our own exclusive fabric blends, tried and tested for safety and support, to custom designed textile prints and colours. We' spend a lot of time ensuring our products are made with purpose and designed with style.


The process and progress:

  • Sampling, each and every product and every new print and design
  • Knitting and Milling our fabrics exclusively for Chekoh. Fabrics that are built with the perfect balance for comfort and support. We don't purchase pre-made or 'off the bolt' blends to always ensure authentic and original production for our pieces.
  • Printing and Dying our custom designs.
  • Labelling for safety and transparency.
  • Quality checks and packaged free of plastics.
  • Team Wages


  • Freight charges
  • Import duties and GST

Warehouse & Dispatch

  • Storage and rental fees
  • Product assembly
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Team Wages

Brand Awareness

  • Expo attendance and Open Days to meet with our customers, new parents and caregivers.
  • Marketing via our social media channels, newsletter subscriptions and online retail site.
  • Content production via our little (but mighty talented) team of photographer and stylist is managed entirely in-house. So every image/video you see, every photo we take is produced by us, for you.

Customer Support

Our number one! Because safe and correct wear is what matters the most. We are proud to provide:

  • Updated and informative video tutorials and also weekly LIVE tutorials via our social media channels.
  • Free one-on-one consults provided by our trained Babywearing Educators, available to book online.
  • Community support via our Chekoh Chatter Facebook page. With over 3500 members to share your wear and engage with parents and people just like you.