Reinforced Robins Hip Carry

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Drum Roll Please...It's Here!

You asked (repeatedly) and we delivered! We have put together a simple video tutorial on how to achieve the particularly tricky technique that is the 'Reinforced Robins Hip Carry'. Marisa and I came across this  little number whilst attending the Babywearing School Australia workshop in Brisbane. Looks great, right!?


Pic By Pic

For those of you who can't keep up with videos (, I have popped up a little step-by-step guide as your go-to instructional guide. You're welcome. 

Handy Hint: Whichever side you carry your baby on, you will start with tag on the OPPOSITE shoulder.

1. Tag...You're It!

Find the centre Chekoh tag.

 2. Over The Shoulder Baby Holder

Place the tag closest to your neck, over your chosen shoulder.

3. Pass The Pass

Reach behind you and grab hold of the pass from behind and hold it out to the side.

4. Loop-de-loop

Pass the pass from behind over your initial shoulder pass, then flip your shoulder pass back over itself, creating a loop. 

5. Hey Pass...Get Out Ma Way

Tie passes loosely to the side to move them out of the way for the next steps.

6. Stop...Baby Time

Safely pick up your baby, and holding him safely on your chest (opposite side to the side with the loop), reach underneath your wrap to grab baby's feet and sit baby down into a nice deep seat, bringing the fabric up inside between your belly and baby's belly, then pull the fabric up to behind baby's neck.

7. Untie and Tack Down

Untie your loose knot and pull to adjust the tension. Pull down firmly on the pass that ISN'T wrapped around baby, by feeding through the top of the loop and back around, then pin between your legs.

8. Tension Tension Tension!

Adjust the pass around baby by pulling it up towards the loop, and then back down, anchoring it between your legs. 

9. Time To Spread And Tuck!

Take the pass that comes down out of the loop and spread it from baby's right knee to his left, covering his bottom and back and tuck under baby's left leg and back around your body and anchor between your legs.

10. Take It Round And Tack It Down

Bring the tucked (under baby's left leg) pass back behind you and around your back, to the front, and anchor between your legs.

11. Double Support - Second Pass

Take the second pass that's anchored between your legs, and spread it from left knee to right, covering baby's back and bottom up to his neck.

12. Tuck Time

Tuck the spread pass under baby's right leg.

13. Double Knot Trouble

To ensure a secure and safe hold, tie the ends in a double knot at the side.

14. You Must Readjust

Ensure the passes are evenly spread to support baby's developing spine. Baby's back should be fully covered by three separate passes.

 15. Marvel At Your Masterpiece

Well done! You did it. Enjoy!


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