Shoot Like a Pro with Newborn & Family Photographer - Ingrid Coles

Shoot Like a Pro with Newborn & Family Photographer - Ingrid Coles

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Meet Ingrid Coles, the beautiful photographer and face behind the scenes of our latest campaign shoot. We caught up with Ingrid to see what life behind the lens is like and, of course, to get the scoop on how to take the best newborn and family photos. Whether you're thinking about getting professional photos taken, want to grow your Instagram following or love to capture sweet moments with your family - you'll want to read this!
Tell us a little about yourself Ingrid?
Ingrid Coles (Brisbane photographer) behind the lens, capturing some portrait magic
Hey, I'm Ingrid! I am a Brisbane based photographer specialising in portraiture and I absolutely adore what I do!
I am a storyteller and have an interest in documenting people, life and precious moments that last forever. Capturing images has always been a passion of mine; from a very young age I was running around taking photos of everything and anything, and it has taught me how to express myself in a way that I had never experienced. I grew up in a creative household and was surrounded by art and photography my whole life. For the past 7 years I have been utilising my craft on a professional level - documenting weddings, families and love with a journalistic approach and a way to capture people as the individuals that they are.
Lightening round of getting to know you: 
Morning Person/Night Owl 
Dining Out/Uber Eats 
How long have you been a photographer and how did you get into the field? 
I have always loved photography and I come from a creative family so it's something I was surrounded by all my life. But I didn't start practicing photography until I started studying the Bachelor of Photography at Griffith University 7 years ago. So technically the degree kicked off my career and I built up my portfolio while I was studying and I haven't looked back since! I love what I do!
We noticed you do a lot of family and newborn shoots, what makes these so special for you? 
Chelsea and Brad - Family photoshoot captured by Ingrid Coles Photography
[Chelsea, Brad, Navy and Mo]
I adore documenting families and capturing their story. There's just something really special about family bonds and when my clients start to warm up and feel comfortable around me and the camera magic happens. 
What is the best age to shoot? 
Baby Navy wearing the Chekoh Pocket - Captured by Ingrid Coles Photography
[Navy in the Chekoh Camel Bow Pocket
Honestly, I don't have a preference. All ages are interesting and challenging - doesn't matter how old you are it all comes down to how comfortable you feel in front of a camera. When it comes to newborns & toddlers it's all about timing the session right. 
When is the best time of the day to shoot?
The best time of the day for outdoor lighting is sunrise or sunset - I prefer sunset. Then twilight 30mins after the sunsets is stunning as well. 
Best time to shoot indoors (in home sessions) mid-morning or mid-afternoon depending on your house and what the window lighting is like. 
What are the pros and cons of shooting at home vs in the studio? 
Chelsea Allen and baby Navy captured by Ingrid Coles - Featuring Chekoh Ring Sling Carrier
Pros - Empty space to style as you please, controlled lighting. (Better for commercial/product)
Cons - Some studios don't have natural light, basic/plain backdrops.
Pros - Mum, Dad & Bubs are comfortable in their own space, documenting their living space, more sentimental. 
Cons - Lighting, some homes are very dark and don't get much window light - this makes it very challenging to capture.
With photography everything comes down to lighting. Personally I would prefer to photograph people in their own home over in a studio just as it documents their life as it is. This gives them images they can look back on forever and hold a certain sentimental value rather than an image captured in a clean space with a white backdrop. There's just not as much emotion attached to it. But in saying that - that's just my own opinion and the style of photography I do. 
How should Mamas and Papas dress baby for a shoot and should they bring any props along?
Brad and Chelsea captured by Brisbane photographer Ingrid Coles
I always encourage my clients to come in neutral coloured clothing. Try to stay away from really bright colours like vibrant reds, greens & blues as it can be too distracting and wont compliment the colours of the landscape behind. 
Earthy & neutral colours are always the best - beautiful linen textures create a natural vibe! But in saying that, be & dress as yourself as well, these are photos that you will keep forever. Props wise - that is totally up to the client, generally no but if there's something sentimental they want to add into the photo, bring it!
What can parents expect on a shoot with you?
Candid moments only, I really try to aim for natural photos without staging or posing anyone too much. Sometimes I will give a bit of direction to the client and help them, but I am aiming for candid mostly. 
What is your ultimate editing playlist? 
I have so many editing playlists haha! At the moment my top three songs would be:
Do you have any newborn or family photography tips for those budding Mama Influencers out there? 
Brad, Chelsea and family sharing a sweet moment - captured by Ingrid Coles
[Chelsea wears the Chekoh Stretchy Wrap Carrier in Leopard]
When shooting at home always try to find the perfect lighting in your house - window lighting is always best.
Get creative! You can use different things to put in front of your camera lens (phone cameras included) - For example - if you have any clear crystals, popping them in front of your lens will create a really cool effect. Try out different angles, maybe pop your phone on your ceiling fan facing down and set a timer - capturing you and bubs in bed - this makes a beautiful frame. 
What is next for Ingrid Coles Photography
I am hoping to cut down on weddings and start focusing on specialising in maternity, births and newborns. That's the goal anyways, but with the current pandemic it's hard to make future plans for my little business. Fingers crossed!                                                                                                                                     
Want to check out more of Ingrid's work or book in a shoot? 
Website / Instagram                                                                                                                                                                                        
We LOVE the art of photography and can't get enough of those gorgeous family portraits. If you have any photography tips, drop them below so we can try them out!                                                                                                                           
Chekoh xx

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