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‘Who is Nikki?’ I hear you wonder. Well, my lovely community, I’m here to tell you alllllll about me (I tend to over-share, sorry about that) and what floats my boat.


So obviously, my name is Nikki. Actually, it’s Nicole but that name is only used when I am in trouble - and I am also known as Noodle. As a small child, I was an incredibly fussy eater (sorry mum), and refused everything except noodles.

I am mum to one Poppy Jean Roberts, a cheeky little toddler who turns 2 in May. She is an adorable package of giggles and sticky hands and will repeat every word you say. Every. Single. Word. Due to an overcrowded ‘bedwomb’ set up, (a bicornuate uterus) along with a temperamental immune system (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and some recurrent endometriosis thrown in for good measure, I found myself classified ‘infertile’ at age 30. My partner and I jumped head first into the incredible world of Assisted Reproduction and luckily fell pregnant on our very first ‘Modified IUI’ cycle. It took three men in a dark room to conceive my little Pop (ahem), my Dr Bob, partner Jeremy and a very sweet young medical student who was most perplexed at my double trouble uterus.

My love affair with Chekoh began just weeks after the scheduled sunroof-evacuation of 
my tiny Pop. Whilst riddled with pain from a nasty arthritis flare, I struggled to just hold my little one in my arms. Enter Chekoh, in all its black-and-white-stripe glory, saving the day - and my body - from complete despair. To say I was grateful was an understatement; Chekoh gave me support when my body couldn’t. Babywearing gave me the ability to be close to my tiny little miracle, to kiss her and feed her and calm her, without exhausting my struggling limbs. I couldn’t manage the many levers and holds to execute a full pram assembly in those early days and babywearing with my Chekoh meant I could get out of the house - albeit in my pyjamas - for a lap around the block, in the fresh air with my fresh baby. I felt like I was belonged; like part of a community who (almost literally) had my back. I largely owe my sanity to this little woven piece of magic, and am proud to be a Creative Content Contributor to a brand so well aligned with my mothering style.

As far as content is concerned, I am an open book (again, read: ‘over-sharer’) of many experiences related to parenthood, women and mothers - both their physical and mental health - and possess a handy little science degree. Though it hangs prettily on my wall, it allows me to interpret the science and translate it into something real and relevant for my readers. I hope to engage and unite a community of gentle, babywearing parents by providing relevant, warm, and useful information to promote solidarity, in this wild ride called Motherhood (and hopefully some lol’s/possibly nose snorts).


Xo Nikki

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  • Nikki is my daughter so I am going to follow, support and love all that she does as I am her creator and her biggest fan, always….

    Rebecca Anne Roberts on

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