Mama Muse with Ruby from @rubybellinger_

Mama Muse with Ruby from @rubybellinger_

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Introducing Ruby, one of the freshest faces to model in our Chekoh Carriers. This stunning Mama joined us for our recent CUVR Studio shoot, and we can confidently say we absolutely LOVED working with her and little miss Peggy.


So, tell us a little bit about you and your family?

"Hello! We're originally from Victoria and moved to the Sunshine Coast last year to have our daughter, Peggy. My partner Kane is a tattoo artist and I'm a contemporary artist. We also have a very polite old gentleman feline, Billy."


Black & White Family photo of Ruby her husband and baby daughter Peggy


Was this your first time posing it up in front of the camera? Thank you again for being part of our shoot day!

"It was my pleasure! I loved working with you, and how sweet that Peggy got to be a part of the day. I do have experience in front of the camera, once upon a time it was my job (although that feels like a LIFETIME ago now). On-set with Chekoh has been one of my favourite shoots to date!"


Images of Ruby from House of Maxx

Ruby pictured in her shoot with @house.of.maxx


What has been the best thing about becoming a Mama?

"I think the best part is the honour with being a tiny person's everything. Learning with them, and learning to surrender. They are small but they are mighty, aren't they?"


Maternity photos of Ruby during her pregnancy with Peggy


And what was one thing you wish you knew earlier on?

"Not one, many. All so important. -Do not be afraid to ask for help- You'll never regret responding to your baby. It's hard sometimes I know, but it is always worth it. What you're dealing with, at times, is really (REALLY) hard. You are the best mother for your baby and you are doing an amazing job."


Ruby holding up Baby Peggy


3 items on your wishlist at the moment?

1. A Tuftluck Studio print

2. House of Slim coffee table

3. Gypsy Water perfume from Byredo



Do you top 3 newborn must haves?

1. Baby Carrier. I swear by this and would shout it from the rooftop. It's been our most used item. Worth it for the restorative moments and connection it brings you both.

2. Baby First-Aid. Tiny Hearts have an amazing course.

3. Automatic nail file, we have the Haaka. Baby nails are SHARP.


Ruby wearing Mocha Cord Clip with Baby Peggy

 Ruby wearing Baby Peggy in our Mocha Cord Clip


How did you come to find out about Chekoh?

"A girlfriend sent me a link raving about clip carriers when I was on the hunt and here we are!"

What do you like to do for 'you time'?

"Lay down"

A short sweet and respectable answer if we've ever seen one 😂

How has babywearing helped you and when/where is your favourite time to wear it?

"Babywearing was, and very much still is, a lifesaver for us. Peggy refused her bassinet and pram from the moment she was born, if she wasn't attached to a parent she'd let us and the rest of our neighbourhood know about it. When she was a newborn, babywearing was the quickest way to regulate her nervous system when she was upset. She's eight months old now and still loves the carrier but prefers to be facing outwards, looking at the world and nodding hello earnestly to anyone whose eye she can catch."


Ruby wearing Baby Peggy Back Carry in the Cinta Clip Carrier

 Ruby wearing Baby Peggy in a Cinta Clip


What's next for you and your family?

"I'd love to be able to say "just relaxing, soaking up life and going with the flow" but we are just simply too busy and chaotic. Kane's still tattooing, primary parenting and finishing a degree in environmental science. I'm about to open Ruby & Wylde, which will be a beautiful retail store stocking curated furniture, homewares, contemporary art and fine jewellery (find us online too!). I'm also studying to be a naturopath. As for Peggy? She's busy practising getting ready to crawl any day now.

Thanks Chekoh, love ya!"

UPDATE: Ruby & Wylde is now live! Check it out here.



If you love Ruby, like we do, head over to her Instagram and give her a follow @rubybellinger_ and support her exciting new retail store @rubyandwylde



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